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BTCFortuneLuck to win big is certainly the number one thing BTCFortune emphasizes to cater clients to get started and play in their site. It is an online crypto-currency brand that offers Bitcoin as its only payment method. In terms of language, English is the only one supported.

BTCFortune offers four incredible bitcoin games for you to enjoy. First is the ‘Instant Lottery’ wherein you can bet from 0.05 BTC to 1 BTC and get the chance to earn 0.1 BTC to 10 BTC. Second bitcoin game they have is called ‘Guess a number’. In this game, you are to guess a number ranging from 1 to 99. A certain number will be given and your task is to guess whether the next number will be lower or higher than the smaller one. ‘Catch the Luck’ is the third game provided in this Bitcoin gambling site. Nothing much is said about this game except for the fact that you must bet 0.1 BTC and have the chance to win 0.5, 1, 2.5, up to 10 BTC. And last but not the least is ‘Thimblerig’. In this game, your main goal is to guess the thimble that contains the game ball beneath it.

To get a great luck with BTCFortune, the first thing you need to do is send some amount of bitcoins to the wallet address they have generated. You can know more on how to get bitcoins here. In addition, this address is tied up with your account and is created automatically. Through this, you can make deposits anytime you want; however, this Bitcoin gambling site claimed that, ‘it can take time for us to receive your payment.’

On the other hand, the account you have at the moment you deposited bitcoin will just be identified by your personal url together with your auto-generated username. Take note that this account is not ‘password-protected’. Hence, if you want to add full security in your account, you can opt to register.  In this process, you can create your password and change your auto-generated username.

Furthermore, BTCFortune offers a simple game platform. All of the bitcoin games offered are just in one page and there’s just a link provided for you to place your bet. However, even though it’s this plain, the thrill is still there as aside from unique and cool games provided, the amount of bitcoins you could possibly win is absolutely enormous. Also, this bitcoin site offers a customer support via email where you can let them know of your concerns, questions, and comments.

Overall, BTCFortune is a good bitcoin betting site. Aside from it offers great and incredible bitcoin games, it also provides its clients the most convenient way to play and the chance of earning big up to 10 BTC. If you want to have that kind of fortune, know more about BTCFortune here.

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