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CaesarBit Casino
CaesarBit Casino

CaesarBit Casino

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CaesarBit Casino

In-Depth Review

CaesarBit CasinoAnonymous, secure, transparent, and loyal – these are the four aspects CaesarBit Casino focused on to invite and most definitely attract players. More than that, they also claimed to be the best online casino since they offer these four most important things; hence, any player could not wish for more.

CaesarBit Casino offers two classic games played with bitcoins, Bitcoin blackjack and Roulette. Moreover, as emphasized in their site, no credit cards are accepted here as the only payment method available is bitcoins. Also, English is the only offered language in their site.

Anonymity is the first feature of this Bitcoin gambling site. They have assured the players that personal credentials are not required since they do not use credit card as a payment method. Furthermore, this feature was clearly attested by the quick and simple process to get started in their site.

First is you must do a quick auto-registration by just entering the verification code shown and click the “quick register” button to finish. After that, the site will be generating several things for you, a code for your login, a password, login permalink, as well as a title which is actually cool and unique. Next thing for you to do is deposit. The minimum deposit is 0.001 BTC and the maximum is 100 BTC. Take note that you have to deposit amounts only in the multiple of 0.001BTC, otherwise they will not guarantee a proper conversion.

CaesarBit Casino also provides a deposit bonus up to 100% as a way of showing their loyalty. You can have your bonus up to 100% of deposit up to four times on demand, meaning it’s all in your hands when you are going to use your deposit bonus.

This bitcoin site is also secured as they have assured to use only SSL encrypted connection. Also, since no credit card is allowed here, there is no possibility of having fraud since bitcoins are always safe and secure. Moreover, they also guaranteed transparency as public games log is readily available. They have also provided latest rounds for each game where you can see the result of the game. In blackjack for example, the dealer’s card hands as well as players’ are shown including the scores, the bet, as well as the winnings.

CaesarBit Casino offers a great graphics. The use of maroon as backdrop is actually a bit overpowering to the eye but it made the site appears lively and tempting. The games platforms they have offered are just incredible. Aside from having a full-screen size, they provided authentic ones with sounds; hence, the ambiance looks real and challenging.

Even though it offers only two classic games, CaesarBit Casino is still a good bitcoin site. It provides anonymity, transparency, security, as well as security; hence, their clients will surely be satisfied and have a perfect Bitcoin online gambling experience.

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