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Coin Fount

In-Depth Review

Coin FountMost certainly all bitcoin players are aiming for tiny pay-ins and huge payouts, and that includes you. Though there are numerous Bitcoin gambling sites who claim to offer this, Coin Fount is among the platforms that are worth checking out. As a matter of fact, the moment you take a step forward in their domain, the label ‘the coin fountain that spits more coins back’ will sure captivate you and will ignite your curiosity to know more.

Coin Fount offers an “extremely simple game of skills and strategy”. By simply playing this game, you can sure get your wagers tenfold higher the moment you win. All you need to do is make a pay-in of .01 BTC and you are lucky, you will have a payout of .1 BTC. Your main goal here is to be the one to push the pot to the threshold of .11 BTC. Hence, you only needed two things to win in this game – bitcoins and right timing.

To get started, there’s no need for you to sign up or make an account. After reading the rules and ‘how tos’ of the game, you can directly scan the QR code shown or send an amount of 0.01 BTC or higher to the wallet address provided. Take note that after sending, it is a must to click the ‘Confirm Payment’ button below the deposit page. Once the threshold is reached, exact transactions, amount of the current pot, and so is the winner are shown. Keep in mind that only accounts from Coinbase are eligible for payouts.

Everything at Coin Fount is simple and straight-forward. In fact, after reading the rules of the game, you just have to click a button to place your wager. Though their gaming platform is simple, you can assure that it offers convenience as well as exciting at the same time. On the other hand, for each pot of 0.11 BTC, this site keeps 0.1 BTC to pay for thing like server cost.

Probably, the most enticing highlight of this bitcoin betting portal is their payout. Imagine the advantages that will be for you if you make your wager ten times bigger in just a short period of time. Sure it is risky, but then, all other bitcoin games are and most of these games do not have a payout rate as big as this. However, the main downside of this gaming platform is that they don’t offer a customer support yet. Sure they explained how the game and transaction works fully well, but this aspect is still important since clients may encounter various problems only they can answer or solve.

In terms of payout rate, Coin Fount is definitely brilliant. However, there are still some aspects that needed improvement especially the transparency and customer support. As if these facets have been enhanced on top-quality, this bitcoin betting site will sure make a spot among the best Bitcoin gambling platform online. Know more about Coin Fount now.

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