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Coinroll is a dice game any bettor can play immediately. It is unique and comes with a customizable feature that adds to the gaming excitement.

In-Depth Review

“Fortune favors the bold” – this is the line used by CoinRoll to attract and invite bitcoin players to play on their site. Sure you are excited to experience the fun of playing its unique Bitcoin dice game where you can also create one for yourself.

CoinRoll, which was founded in 2013, is a simple yet good Bitcoin gambling site. It does not only provide a unique Bitcoin game, it also offers easy ways to get started, complete information, and good transparency.

Bitcoin Games

CoinRoll actually offers an interesting and unique Bitcoin dice game. The main goal is as simple as to bet on a target number from 1 to 64,000. A lucky number from 0 and 65,535 will be generated. If the number is less than the target number, you will win.

There are actually six categories offered in this game: less than 60,000, less than 55,000, less than 32,768, less than 16,384, less than 7,000, less than 2,400, less than 1,000, and less than 1. Good thing is that you can always create a custom game if you do not opt to play the above mentioned categories. Take note that the higher the number is, the more chances of winning are.

For example, less than 60,000 has 91.6% winning odds compared to less than 1 with only 0.00153 %. The amount of your winnings can be determined by game multiplier times the amount of your bet.

More than that, they also claim to be the next generation Bitcoin casino since they offer incredible features, such as a 99% payout, a low minimum bet of 0.00001 BTC, cryptographically verifiable results, and blockchain-spam free website.

Software Features And Graphics

In terms of graphics, it provides a simple yet great one. The simplicity of the site made the features and information clearly highlighted and comprehensible. More than that, the platform is not crowded by too many numbers and figure; hence, it does not appear complicated and overwhelming. It uses proprietary software, but it appears as if the script or solution used resembles that of other dice sites.


Coinroll will not require you to register an account. The site will automatically provide you with a wallet address where you will deposit your desired amount to play with.

Withdrawals And Deposit

You must only deposit amounts of bitcoins to the wallet address. After that, you are ready to play, especially because this site offers no confirmation deposit.

In terms of withdrawal, you can only get one if you already received one confirmation on your deposit: zero to 5 BTC is equivalent to one confirmation, 5 to 20 BTC to two confirmations and so on and so forth. Furthermore, the minimum withdrawal amount is 0.0000543 BTC or it must not be less than the 10% of your balance.


CoinRoll offers a support system through e-mail. Response times will vary from one to the other; nevertheless, its aid system will try to answer any questions and inquiries promptly.

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Pros and Cons

Explore this Bitcoin gambling site’s best features that make it stand out on the market, and take note of the aspects that can still be improved to see how much this site matches your preferences.


  • Provably fair
  • No registration
  • Custom dice games
  • Easy-to-use interface


  • Lack of customer support
  • Not mobile friendly
  • Lost accounts hard to recover
  • Deferred withdrawals

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