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CrazyBTCBitcoin is the primary mode of payment accepted in this Bitcoin gambling platform. With this, you can assure of a perky and convenient gaming experience by getting the most of CrazyBTC’s ‘mine game’. A situation is given, ‘you are crazy and you have to go through the field with mines’ and there starts the rule of the game. In the gaming platform, there are 8 lines with 5 cells and every line contains one mine. You have to choose a cell in every line, the gist is not to choose the one with mine to be able to go forward and reach the last line to win. Once you have chosen the one with a mine, the game is over and you lose your current bet.

Making an account or signing up is not required at CrazyBTC. Upon entering their site, your userID and SecretKey are automatically set. You will be given a personal link that needs to be saved to enter your account the next time you play. Since your account has already been done, next step for you is to make a deposit. With a minimum of 0.0005 BTC, you can add some funds to your account by sending these to the Bitcoin wallet address provided or by simply scanning the QR code. Your balance will be automatically updated when the bitcoins are received and lastly, you can now get loco as you start going through their field with mines.

Transparency and fairness are assured at CrazyBTC since they utilize SHA256 in their platform. This secure hash algorithm can be verified to prove that the results of your games are indeed valid and fair. The ‘datastring’ can be found in the lower portion of the gaming portal after you played the game and you can calculate it by just clicking the SHA256 link provided.

There is a great range of bets to choose from in playing this bitcoin mine game. However, if you still want to try it out without putting your bitcoins at stake, you are more than welcome to play in the ‘Free Play’ mode. It is a good chance to have a good grasp of the ‘how to play’ and getting yourself acquainted in the gaming platform. Speaking of the gaming platform, CrazyBTC is plain and simple. In fact, it is pretty straight-forward and easy to use.

If you just to try a cool and exciting way to bet your bitcoins, CrazyBTC is worth checking out. The site is simple and you can see this the moment you take a step forward in their domain. However, once you have experienced playing in this portal, you will find a user-friendly platform to give you chances of earning big sums of bitcoins. Want to know more about this Bitcoin gambling site? Read more here.

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