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FunnyBTCAt FunnyBTC, you can certainly play American or European Roulette with Bitcoins. Everything is fast and easy since this betting site is Bitcoin-powered. Not even a software download or registration is required and they support both English and Russian languages. With this site, you can sure play Bitcoin roulette to your heart’s content while keeping calm that everything is just because they are 100% Provably Fair.

FunnyBTC offers both ‘Fun Play’ and ‘Play for Real’ modes to their players. The Fun Play feature they offer is actually a good chance for you to not only practice and get a first-hand experience of what they offer, but also familiarize yourself with the gaming platform. Take note that your command here is the control buttons so it is a must to know their functions like the back of your hand. On the other hand, though playing Roulette is easy, this site never took anything for granted as they have explained not only the rules but every detail on their gaming platform. Not only instructions are provided but also visual aids to help understand the pictures fully.

If you have finally decided to switch in the ‘Play for Real’ mode, all you have to do is send some sums of Bitcoins to the wallet address they have provided. The minimum deposit is 0.0005 BTC. Once you send your deposit, your balance will be refilled automatically. Also, it is important that after toping up your balance, you have to save the browser’s address line as if you lose this, you will not be able to access your account again. Once everything is set, you can play any of their roulettes and expect to receive your payouts instantly.

‘Honesty control’ is one of the highlights this site offers. Since they are provably fair, this feature will allow you to verify the result of your games easily. They have provided a step by step procedure on how to do this and though technical, you can assure to understand the instructions easily.

FunnyBTC is a simple Bitcoin roulette site. The graphics are good and everything is straight-forward. The gaming platform is good as well; however, the wheel is too small that you can barely see the numbers and result if the wheel has been rolled. The table is big enough to place your bets properly and of course, you will be amazed that you can change background’s color based on your preference. Lastly, credits are not used instead mBTC are utilized so it might be a bit confusing at first.

If you fancy Bitcoin Roulette so much, FunnyBTC is a good Bitcoin gambling site. It offers perky features that though simple, will offer you ample perks and convenience. It is among the new kids on the block so it is wise to test the waters first before dipping. Want to know more about FunnyBTC? Read more about it here.

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