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GambleMyBitsGambleMyBits is a fresh, independent online casino that offers hours of exhilarating Bitcoin action to its patrons. Given that it is relatively new on the market, it has surprisingly shown tremendous effectiveness in the niche by providing players with a secure and fun platform to bet on, making it one of the new generation Bitcoin platforms that can actually compete with established venues to date.

Eccentric Dice Game

One of GambleMyBits’s flagship products is its Bitcoin dice game. In actuality, this game does not differ from other dice games in the Bitcoin casino niche. It shares the same simplified mechanics, which is why it easily appeals to the majority of Bitcoin gamblers, especially fans of dice games.

To start the game, players just have to simply input their desired bet amount at the bottom right corner of the game page. In this corner, players are also given the options to deduct their bet amount in half, double the amount, and wager the minimum or the maximum amount that is acknowledged by the website.

Players then have to select if the dice results will be beyond 51 or will go below 49. This can be done by clicking on either the arrow pointing up for the ‘higher than 51’ choice or the arrow pointing down for the ‘lower than 49’ choice. Players can locate these controls on the lower left corner of the game page.

Finally, to commence, players just only have to click the ‘roll’ icon that is located at the center of the game page. From there, the dice will now start to roll. Players just only have to cross their fingers and hope that the dice will generate the winning verdict.

Given these simple instructions, players can expect swift and immediate gameplays without any delays. This dice game structure only comes to show that everything simple is beautiful.

Exciting Bitcoin Roulette

Its Bitcoin roulette game boasts simplicity and of course, easy chances of winning coins.

When it comes to game mechanics, this Bitcoin roulette does not have much of a difference compared to other roulette games. Players just have to wager on a specific field on the wheel and hope that the ball lands on their favor.

However, despite this obvious fact, this particular game still has something that makes it stand out among the rest.

Compared to other roulette games on the market, GambleMyBits eliminated the additional wager options like field colors, even and odd numbers and other professional-like betting options in its Bitcoin roulette. Here, players just only have to choose a specific number from zero to 35 for their bets.

Apart from further simplifying the game, the setup also boosts the winning chances of players since the wagering option are narrowed down to one specific category.  That being said, this Bitcoin roulette is now one of the easiest roulette games in the niche to date.

Fun Bitcoin Slot

Online slot enthusiasts are also in for a ride on this site through the Bitcoin slot game hosted here. It features the classic, familiar symbols and functions like the typical vintage slots popular in brick-and-mortar casinos. Expect to find attractive payouts each time you catch any of the winning combination.

Fast and Secure BTC Transfers

Another tantalizing feature of this Bitcoin casino is its fast and efficient Bitcoin fund transfers. In spite of its fresh status, its platform has come up with instant deposits and withdrawals that can go on par with veteran and established Bitcoin casinos.

For deposits, the system only requires one confirmation on the blockchain for the transaction to push through. Deposits take no longer than 20 minutes, hence players can expect for their funds to appear immediately after they have initiated their deposits.

Withdrawals, on the other hand, usually take a couple of hours for the transaction to be approved. This happens since cashouts are manually verified by the casino’s support team for security purposes.

There are also instances where withdrawals take 72 hours to push through, especially for huge amounts. This is because GambleMyBits does not keep their funds on their online wallet for the same security reasons. Nonetheless, players can expect instant and safe BTC transactions on this casinos platform.


There is no doubt that pure entertainment awaits in the domains of GambleMyBits. With simplified Bitcoin games and a secure transaction network, this platform exactly knows what it takes to be an effective Bitcoin casino.

Reinvent the way you see Bitcoin casinos and enjoy the worthwhile chances that await you only here on GambleMyBits, where simplicity is definitely beauty.

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