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GirlBTCFor Bitcoin betting fans who wish to binge-bet can always do so in the unique platforms of GirlBTC. It is an eccentric Bitcoin betting website that delivers players endless opportunities to bet and get thrilled. To top it all off, players are assured of lucrative prizes after every game, making this one of the engaging websites in the Bitcoin betting landscape.


There are two modes provided on this website. The first one is the GirlChoosing game and the second one is the OneVSOne betting game. Although they may have different features, the objectives of both games are virtually similar—to place your bet on the right character.


This game requires bettors to place bets on either of the two girls, particularly the Office Lady and the Gorgeous Girl. Every game consists of four rounds per day and every round lasts six hours. The rounds start at midnight, 6 a.m., 12 noon, and 6 p.m. GMT (Greenwhich Mean Time).

The game continues as bets are placed on the girls every now and then. There are no limits as to how many times a player can place their bets, so long as their bankroll can support their wagers.

The girl with the highest accumulative bets earned is announced the winner and bettors who placed a bet on the same girl will proportionally receive the total amount of pot together with the total amount of bets from the opposing team.

In the event that both girls garnered equal amount of bets, the wagers will be returned to the players’ bank roll with the entry fee already deducted.

Players must be reminded that placing a bet mid-game will cost them an additional amount of 0.01 BTC, depending on how many hours have passed after the round has started. Regardless, GirlChoosing is simple and effectively delivers Bitcoin betting excitement.


On the other hand, the OneVSOne is an interactive game where players will be choosing three animals—elephants, mouse, tiger—as their ‘weapon.’

The mechanics is virtually similar to that of rock, paper, scissors only that the elephant stomps the tiger, the tiger eats the mouse, and the mouse scares the elephant.

To start the game, you are given options to either hash for yourself or let the game server hash for you. In self-hashing, you hash your own bet info that includes the bet type (any of the three animals) and the bet amount. Self-hashing can be done using the different third party tools online.

Server hashing, on the other hand, will only require you to submit your bet type and the amount of your bet on the GirlBTC site.

The game starts when a challenge appears on the game list. If you are self-hashing, you have to accomplish everything within 24 hours. Beyond that, it is either you get a negative flag or you lose.

Overall, the game’s objective is to deliver the fastest decision as much as possible. As such, you can either win by hitting the right bet or by default (challenger takes too long to make a decision.)


GirlBTC has certainly made online betting interesting. Considering the fact that it is still undergoing minor adjustments, this betting site continues to deliver fun and excitement. In addition, bettors can expect more options in the coming days.

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