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MadPayMadPay is labeled as the ‘world’s best bitcoin dice game.’ Furthermore, four main features are highlighted in this Bitcoin gambling site: players can try it for free and play off-the block chain, together with the fact that it is great on mobile and has only 0.5% house edge. Hence, it is a must to take a good look at its features to know if it can give you the finest bitcoin dice roll.

Automatically, you will be given 1,000 play coins (it will be added 1,000 more if you register) to try the dice game and highlights offered at MadPay. To state the obvious, dice game with bitcoin is the only game offered in this site and the latter mentioned digital coin is the only payment method accepted. Also, English is the only language supported.

To start rolling the best Bitcoin dice game in the world, joining MadPay is the first thing to accomplish by signing up. Username and password are the necessary details to be provided. On the other hand, password is optional as it will be used for account recovery just in case you lose your password. After this, you can now fund your account by sending amount of bitcoins to the deposit address they have given.

This bitcoin betting site offers a cool and marvelous bitcoin dice game. You can bet from 1.1x to 100x which corresponds to the numbers where your bet will be multiplied in case you win. Of course, the lower the number the greater the odds but the lower also the payout; on the other hand, if you opt for 100x which is the largest number, you will have lower odds of winning but greatest payout. Take note that minimum and maximum bets vary depending on the category you have placed your bet. To estimate, the minimum bet is 1 mBTC and the maximum is 1000 mBTc.

To prove that MadPay is ‘Provably Fair’, the ‘Hash of Random Seed’ is given together with the ‘Last seed value.  Further and detailed explanations on how to use these seeds together with the ‘Custom seed value’ is offered in their site along with the process on how you are going to verify the authenticity of your games’ results.

The game platform offered by MadPay is a good one. The combination of green and yellow create a lively ambiance encouraging the players to bet and win in their incredible dice game. Full details are offered; hence, you can easily know the ‘hows’ of playing the game in just a blink of an eye.

MadPay is indeed a good bitcoin betting site. It offers an incredible dice game, players can try it for free, just 0.5% house edge, it is ‘Provably Fair’, as well as anonymous way to play and definitely win. Surely, you want to try the wonders of the ‘world’s best bitcoin dice game’, read here to know more about MadPay.

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