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In-Depth Review

PokerDice24It is a common understanding that the majority of Bitcoin casinos are greatly similar to each other. This notion unquestionably results in the bettors’ loss of drive for casinos. However, those who are just a grip away from totally abandoning all hope for Bitcoin casinos are in for a treat with this newly launched Bitcoin gambling site that will totally change the way you see Bitcoin betting!

Introducing PokerDice24, a Bitcoin gaming site that packs a lot of features that will certainly reawaken your passion for Bitcoin casinos!

Bitcoin Casino that Has Every Bettor’s Desires

Launched in January 2015, PokerDice24 showcases several promising feats. Not only does it accept cryptocurrency for betting purposes, it delivers one-of-a-kind Bitcoin games that you’ll never encounter on other betting websites!

What’s more is that this betting venue prides itself on its unique PvP gameplay system. It provides players with two options upon initiating a game. These options—play for Bitcoin and play for free—eliminate the limitations of the players, giving them enough ways to enjoy the site.

Another feature is the Bitcoin poker dice site’s own in-game currency, which gives you the idea of exclusivity when playing its games. Jetons are coin-like tokens that circulate within the poker venue’s system. These tokens are inspired by old-fashioned casino games using tokens of the same name, proving that this betting site flawlessly delivers authentic gambling vibes, regardless of its advanced background.

For those wondering how players can acquire jetons, just remember to deposit your BTC on their account and the system will automatically convert it to the site’s in-game currency.

Moreover, players are given the choice to create their own private Bitcoin dice game room, join available rooms, or play as a guest. This means even casual players are welcome. With these features present, it is guaranteed that all betting limitations are eradicated within the domain of this online poker-dice venue.

Unique Features Present on the Site

What makes this Bitcoin casino a unique site is the fact that it provides its players with direct invitation to their peers. Also, as mentioned earlier, everything within the site is user-friendly. Once logged in, you are to expect pure PokerDice24-esque casino experience!

However, despite all these advances at hand, this betting platform is still in its beta phase upon writing this review. Therefore, frequent lags and crashes are present.  Nevertheless, this Bitcoin gambling platform did a superb job in constructing the site prior to launching its full version, thereby giving players a heads-up on what to expect.

The website only needs minor adjustments like the fixing bugs that affect the fluidity of the gameplay as well as delayed boots. Other than those, PokerDice24 is something to look forward to!

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