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SatoshiCarnivalSatoshiCarnival takes pride in being a Bitcoin casino that offers innovative games that are a step ahead of the dated versions of the dice game. It ensures that its game is fast-paced, allowing for players to bet to their heart’s content, and provides more fun and better house edges than the rest of the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency dice games available on the web.

This website currently has only one game called ‘To the Moon!’, but two more are already being created. Even with just one dice game so far, this Bitcoin gambling platform still proves to be worth checking out and playing in because of the features incorporated within the game and the website.

The game features a total of nine options to bet on, which are composed of planets and galaxies. Each of the celestial bodies has a corresponding payout multiplier and minimum and maximum bets. More interestingly, the Wormhole will give you the ability to adjust your probability to win, with the lower percentage yielding a larger payout and the higher rewarding a smaller one.

Moreover, it has an Autobet feature and the option to use hotkeys to make the user experience more convenient and desirable. The design of the game is simple enough, although it may require some time to know how to fully operate it.

Nevertheless, with house edges that range from 2.3% to as low as 0.48%, the SatoshiCarnival game, which is also mobile friendly, clearly beats the other Bitcoin dice games that can only promise 1% house edge.

Besides the Bitcoin dice game, this platform also deserves recognition for its multipanel display that shows bet data, house information that include graphs. Also, a chat box is also integrated into the website, allowing players to engage in conversations while placing bets.

Although SatoshiCarnival has done an excellent job in creating a unique dice game, it somewhat fails in the aesthetics department. The website looks plain and too gray, which is ironic because its name has the word ‘carnival’ in it. Since it is obviously unpleasing to the eyes, it would be splendid if the operators will take time to give this website the facelift it needs.

Although the design of this Bitcoin gambling platform is disappointing, not the same can be said about its security and payment system.

The dice game it features is provably fair, so there is absolutely no need to worry about cases of game manipulation. Additionally, it uses a dedicated server that runs in Europe, and it offers two distinct two-factor authentication methods. One uses the Google authenticator; the other uses the Bitcoin address message signing.

Furthermore, this Bitcoin casino encourages its players to provide an emergency Bitcoin address, which will serve as the backup wallet in case of emergency. Another use of this is for bettors to regain access to their account after forgetting about their password.

Lastly, SatoshiCarnival offers a reward tier and affiliate system, as well as an opportunity to invest as a bankroller. All these extra features will be helpful in increasing your winnings since you can earn profits every month.

Overall, this Bitcoin casino has so much potential to do well in the industry. Once its new games are launched, it is guaranteed that more players will visit this website and experience the unique and remarkable kind of betting found in its Bitcoin dice game.

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