Bitcoin Progressive Jackpots

Hit the pot and you’re the winner on the spot!

Progressive jackpots are probably the first pot any player would want to hit and win. As what its name suggests, ‘progressive’ jackpots increases or add a certain amount in every game of a certain category is played. And as long as there is no fortunate player to get the jackpot, it will continue to increase enormously until the lucky one bag it. Good news is that this feature is also offered in the bitcoin gambling world, with Bitcoin progressive jackpots being one of the most popular games on the market.

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Bitcoin Games with Progressive Jackpots

There are several bitcoin games that have Bitcoin progressive jackpots. Hence, aside from the fine experience it brings because of convenience, you have the chance of winning enormously big amounts in all its glory.

Machine games like Bitcoin Slots and Bitcoin Video Poker are the well-known and common games that offer this kind of feature. Mostly, in these type of bitcoin games, the machines are linked together to create an incredibly enormous jackpot which grows quickly because of the multiple bets. In Bitcoin Slots, there is a given pattern combination that you have to get to bag the jackpot. On the other hand, in Bitcoin Video Poker, you must get the highest card value, which is either a Royal Flush or Straight Flush to emerge as the fortunate one.

Aside from Slots and Video Poker with bitcoins, Bitcoin Lottery also provides Bitcoin progressive jackpots. In this bitcoin game, until there is no player to hit the number combination in the draw, the jackpot will continue to increase. Basically, you just have to buy a ticket for a small amount of bitcoins and if the odds are in your favor, you will bag the amazing amount of bitcoin jackpot. The most well-known sites offering this type of bitcoin lottery game is BitMillions and RedCoin Lotto.

Card games like Bitcoin Poker and Blackjack also has Bitcoin progressive jackpots. In bitcoin card games like these, the rules are just the same; only that, the player places an additional bet or the casino takes a percentage from the player’s bet to add it to the jackpot. The fortunate player will have the jackpot if he gets the lucky specific card combinations. Bitcoin Video Casino is a famous site that offers this type of jackpot in their card games.

Furthermore, take note that there are some bitcoin casinos that require qualifications before you can play this game. Some would only allow players that have already wagered the maximum number of credits in every play. Hence, it is important that before you play, you are keen enough to know details like this.

Aside from the fact that there are numerous games providing this feature, Bitcoin progressive jackpots will certainly entice players to bet and play until they get the pot. This kind of highlight is actually a positive thing as even though there’s still the house edge; the player has greater advantage over the house if he wins the pot. However, it is a must to take a good look of the brands that offer this feature to make sure that you have the edge and the odds to win the jackpot.

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