Bitcoin Snooker Betting

Betting on sports with Bitcoin covers a wide variety of sports. Though baseball, football, and soccer are the top dogs in the game, there are other sports that people can bet on. One of these is bitcoin snooker.

Though it looks similar to billiards, snooker is actually a pretty different sport. For those who are beginning their snooker betting career, here’s a simple guide on this particular type of Bitcoin sports betting.

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Snooker vs pool vs billiards

When starting out snooker betting, people can be confused about what to bet on. This is because there are two other games that look like snooker. There is Carom billiards and there is pool. Though they visually look the same, they are actually pretty different when it comes down to the details.

Carom billiards has no pockets on the table and there are only three or four balls. Points count by striking a ball then hitting three rails and then another ball. This is what’s called a billiard. Pool, or pocket billiards has 15 balls divided into two types, striped and solids, plus a black ball. The goal is to sink these balls into the pockets.

Snooker Betting

Snooker is similar to pool but uses a larger table. There are 15 red balls plus six more balls with different colors. Instead of sinking the balls into pockets, snooker asks players to cause another person to foul. This is how points count in snooker.

Knowing the differences between these three is important in snooker betting. This is because it affects how players win or lose games. Having knowledge of this can help you when making betting decisions.

Snooker betting odds and bet choices

Snooker betting has several betting types available. Here are some of the general types. First, there’s the simple match betting. In this type of bet, you’re just betting on who will be winning the match. The odds here are pretty straightforward. Next, there is Correct Score betting. It is pretty popular since it allows players to bet on players who are sure to win, but still manage to earn a profit.

Handicap betting is also a way to earn profit from bets on sure winners. You can wager that a player will win by a certain amount above his opponent. For example, you can bet a player wins by three. If they do win but do not meet the handicap, you still lose the money. This also works the other way around. You can bet on a player with a negative handicap. They can lose, but if it falls within the handicap’s range, then you still win.

Another popular bet type in snooker betting is Over/Under Frames. Bettors predict the total number of frames in the match is under or over a given amount. Session betting is also a popular type of wager. Before the intervals, there are usually four frames played, and bettors can wager on the outcome of these four frames. This is usually in terms of score.

All these betting choices come with corresponding odds. Make sure to take note of the odds first four your chosen bets before wagering.

Major events on snooker betting sites

Snooker betting events happen on a regular basis. However, there are several events that cause a definite uptick in the betting activity. First, there is the World Championships. It runs over 17 days in Sheffield and is the big one when it comes to snooker betting. With 32 play matches that start at best of 19 and going all the way up to best of 35 in the final, it is a test of skill and stamina.

The other big snooker betting events are the UK Championship and the International Championship. These two events are a step below the Worlds in importance. Each match in these is a minimum of best of eleven and can be just as grueling.

These major events are available in Bitcoin sportsbooks like and Snooker odds are also available at Nitrogen Sports and other Bitcoin sports betting sites.

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