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Buy Bitcoins

If you are one of the majorities who has been enticed to use bitcoins in your transactions in Bitcoin online gambling, the first thing for sure that you will ask is how to get these precious little coins. Actually, there are two ways, either to buy bitcoins or earn for free. Surely you must opt for earning it for free; however, take note that getting free bitcoins can be as hard as mining for gold in reality because of high competition. And if there are easy ways, it offers really small amounts of bitcoins to be earned. Hence, the easiest and the fastest way among the two is buy bitcoins.

Buying bitcoins is as easy as few clicks. However, before you can buy bitcoins you must create first a wallet address. It is a program which you can use to store bitcoins and make transactions. A website named Blockchain offers a free wallet service. After you have created your wallet, the next thing is locate for your bitcoin address. And lastly, add amounts of bitcoins in your wallet.

There are several simple steps that you must follow when buying bitcoins. First is of course to choose a bitcoin exchange. Bitcoin Exchanges or Bitcoin Trade Markets are sites where you can buy and sell bitcoins. Here are the two most popular bitcoin trade markets:

  • Mt. Gox

Having been established in 2010, Mt. Gox is known to be the largest bitcoin exchange as it currently holds the majority of all bitcoin transactions in the world.  Moreover, this bitcoin site is accessible and available 24/7 and claimed to have the most sophisticated trading platform.

  • Intersango

This bitcoin site was established in 2011 and offers multiple trading markets for trading bitcoins against other currencies. Furthermore, Intersango does not collect trading fees for any transactions.

Now that you know where to get started to buy bitcoins, all you need to do is make an account on the bitcoin site of your preference. After you have activated your account, next in line is for you to sign up by filling-out a form.

Then, you have to verify your account by providing a piece of government issued photographic identification like Passport, Driver’s License and others.

After that, you can now transfer money directly into the exchanges’ bank account. Here are the fund transfer methods you can choose from: Bitinstant, International Wire Transfer, Japanese Domestic Transfer, SEPA, as well as bank deposits.

Take note that you have to create an “Ask” or “Buy” order.  After, you must go to the Trade Section of the site and enter in the Buy Order the amount of bitcoins you want to buy. If there is the adjacent Sell order, your transaction will automatically be processed and the bitcoins will be sent to your own exchange market bitcoin wallet.

The price of bitcoins varies from time to time depending on the law of supply and demand. After that, you can now transfer your bitcoins from the bitcoin exchange to your very own wallet. Plain and simple, right?

Other than getting the digital currencies from a Bitcoin exchange, you can also buy BTC on and other Bitcoin businesses that offer convenient and faster ways to acquire cryptocurrency online.

Indeed, bitcoins are sure advantageous in terms of having transactions in the virtual world. Know more about the legalities of its use.  And a big plus to this is the fact that you can always buy bitcoins in the easiest, fastest, as well as accommodating manner you can ever imagine. You can always read more about Bitcoin gambling sites, or know more about Bitcoin betting.

In fact, you can even buy bitcoins without bank accounts needed!