NextGen Gaming

NextGen GamingNextGen Gaming is one of the world’s leading developers of engaging and innovative slot games. It is also the slots studio based in Australia operating under NYX Gaming Group. Being distributed via the NYX Gaming Group’s platform has given the developer’s products a high profile. Additionally, having produced hits like James Dean slot and Psycho slot, casino operators can be assured of repeat profits from their games which have made them quite popular.

The secret to NextGen Gaming’s success is a two-pronged approach toward game design. The first part is to emphasize innovation to games, spicing up the company’s products with new and exciting features that set them apart from the field. The second reason is its focus on the fundamentals, ensuring that the basics are done right and a product delivers on all its promises.

Innovative Features

NextGen Gaming has led the way in turning the traditional slot machine world on its head. In the past, slot machines were limited in terms of their interface. With online slots being played on personal computers, these games are given a chance to be more interactive and more like video games. The company has taken advantage of this by developing innovative features for their slots.

These features enhance the games and give players better chances of winning a bigger jackpot. Players often love using the Super Bet™ feature, which unlocks enhancements to the base game for a small ante, giving players a chance to be in control of how volatile they want their game to be. Another popular is Select-a-Play™, which lets players select how they want to use up their free spins. They can decide to play more spins for low prizes or less spins for higher jackpots.

Some features can be even linked to the theme of the game. One of NextGen’s better offerings is Medusa II slot. The game has the Locked Reels features, which simulates the Medusa’s ability to turn people into stone. This means that reels are locked into guaranteed matching symbols, increasing the chance of scoring a four or five-symbol combination.

Superior Products and Service

With the creative end being handled by gameplay experts and skilled graphics developers, the other half of the equation is handled by project managers who know what they are doing.

NextGen Gaming brings years of industry experience on the table to handle integration and servicing, maximizing a company’s returns. Additionally, the company has a team of analysts constantly learning about what players enjoy and want in their game, which gives the developer a good handle on industry trends.

This ensures that NextGen Gaming is always on the leading edge of the online gaming industry. Casino operators can be assured that they will be in good hands when they take their business to them.

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