BlackCoin’s Inclusion to Coinkite Hints Potential in Online Gambling

Blackcoin Coinkite

Another alternative cryptocurrency has been added to the Coinkite point-of-sale systems, hinting the altcoin’s possible major role on the online gambling scene.

BlackCoin, which is dubbed as a transparent and accessible virtual currency, can now be transacted through Coinkite exchange and its payment hardware terminals.

“BlackCoin’s adoption by Coinkite is a major differentiator among digital currencies,” said BlackCoin Foundation U.S. Representative Adam Kryskow in a press release.

This cryptocurrency is the third of its kind to be added to this web wallet’s system, joining the more successful digital currencies Bitcoin and Litecoin. This may well be attributed to the rapid growth of the coin, which has become increasingly evident in the financial market.

In fact, BlackCoin transactions are considered to be as significant as those of Litecoin and Dogecoin, according to the published Citi GPS report.

With more focus being given to BlackCoin, the online gambling industry may notice a trend among Bitcoin casinos and gambling sites as they begin to accept this alternative cryptocurrency in exchange for the gambling services they offer.

Its addition to the payment methods of such gambling venues will likely boost the appeal of the latter because BlackCoin is now a top 10 digital currency in terms of market cap. This is a great opportunity for online gambling business operators to take advantage of because this altcoin has the factors that can make cryptocurrency gambling more convenient.

Moreover, BlackCoin is based on the proof-of-stake algorithm, which means that transactions will go through lesser confirmation time as compared to Bitcoin and other proof-of-work-based altcoins. This makes gambling with Blackcoin more advantageous to online betting enthusiasts because the deposits and withdrawals will be processed in lightning-fast speed.

Furthermore, with the inclusion of this cryptocurrency in more online Bitcoin exchanges, players will have the option to convert them for Bitcoin and vice versa in order to enjoy playing Bitcoin games.



One of the most respected influencers in the Bitcoin and online gambling arena, Chris Evans is the Business Development Manager of Bitcoin Gambling Guide.

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