Online Slot Machine Game Strengthens Dogecoin Gambling


A new online slot betting platform has been launched and targets Dogecoin enthusiasts from all over the world.

Introduced in May, DogecoinMachine is a simple slot machine game that can be instantly played in any web browser with the use of the Shiba Inu-laden coin, making it one of the first few betting sites that are designed for Dogecoin gambling.

According to its website, it features a four-reel slot machine with one pay line that accepts bets amounting from 10 Dogecoins to a maximum of 4,999 Dogecoins, where playing with maximum bet yields a massive jackpot of 2,499,500 Dogecoins.

Although initially created to exclusively accept this altcoin, the operators of DogecoinMachine posted in its official thread on its plan to “implement one or two currencies soon” in response to suggestions of opening the betting platform to other cryptocoins.

Meanwhile, the fund transfer methods for this slot machine game have been crafted to be efficient with the deposits taking online two minutes to be processed and the withdrawals only six minutes without any transaction fees. In addition, a QR code has already been added to suit mobile bettors using their smartphones and tablets.

Moreover, the operators have taken the extra mile to ensure fairness by relying on the API to produce true randomness that complements the game’s fair algorithm.

The Dogecoin slot game, however, warns players to take note of their unique ID number to avoid losing access to their stored funds. This is important because DogecoinMachine does not require any form of account registration; instead, it writes into cookies, which are deleted after 14 days.

Furthermore, it has rolled out new bonus deals for Dogecoin bettors aside from the 25% house edge that are up for grabs through the referral program. These bonuses include the 20% bonus for every 5th player and 100% deposit bonus for every 25th. The bonus reward can be claimed within 24 hours, provided that the player has spun the slot machine at least ten times, according to the announcement in the forum.



One of the most respected influencers in the Bitcoin and online gambling arena, Chris Evans is the Business Development Manager of Bitcoin Gambling Guide.

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