Why Wink Is the Most Valuable Gambling Cryptocurrency in the World

Wink cryptocurrency

A recent report estimates that decentralized gambling platforms are now worth nearly $200 million. One particular project stands above them all. It’s called WINk. With a current market capitalization of nearly $33 million, WINk sees nearly 10% of that amount ($3 million) exchanging hands between gamblers on the blockchain every 24 hours.

With no fewer than 22 different gambling projects listed at CoinMarketCap.com, how is it that one particular gambling project can control more than 10% of the crypto gambling market share? And how does that fit in to the grand scheme of the gambling industry, which is being increasingly opened up across the United States and the rest of the world? You’re about to find out.

What Makes Gamblers Want to Use WINk?

WINk allows gamblers to do more than just place a wager. The gaming platform allows you to socialize and stake tokens across multiple blockchain ecosystems. The and goal of the whole project is to allow developers to create gambling platforms as decentralized applications and ultimately allow them to pursue investing not only in their own project but in the success of their particular applications in general.

This means the developer raises funds and has a platform for their gambling idea, the gambler can still wager and gets better odds because the cost of running the operation is lower than in a centralized marketplace, and crypto adoption can continue to grow.

The Features, Advantages and Benefits of Using WINk

One of the features that separates WINk from other gambling projects is that it’s not actually built on the Ethereum blockchain. Instead, the project is formatted using TOR-20 compliance rules. That means it lives on the TRON blockchain. What’s the benefit of that? TRON can process 2,000 transactions per second. It can also do so very cheaply, which means gamblers can get in on the action really quickly and not have to spend a fortune in order to do so.

But the above benefits aren’t where the fun ends. Those benefits relate to the TRON blockchain in general.

Use Cases and Benefits for WINk

WINk users can earn WIN tokens for staking their coins to the TRON blockchain. They are also eligible to win more tokens through airdrops. They literally get more tokens just for holding them, plus they get to stake them. They earn all this and that doesn’t even consider what they might make from winning on a gamble.

For the technically inclined, WINk can function as an on-ramp to other decentralized finance projects not related to gambling. Not sure if you heard, but decentralized finance is the new gambling crypto that seems to be paying off for everyone.

The project itself is licensed in Caracao and Costa Rica, to countries that have always been ripe for allowing gambling operations to run legally when they may not have been able to in other places around the world.

One of the best parts is, frequent players earn bonuses and all token holders get to contribute to the governance of the network, meaning you can have a hand in shaping the future of crypto and gambling.

Still, for those that are less technically inclined and only want to gamble in Bitcoin and Ethereum might want to use a more traditional gambling site that accepts both. But as you progress through your own crypto gambling journey, you might want to learn to use a project like WINk to your advantage. Sunday in the not-too-distant future, you might see Bitcoin betting sites accepting these tokens. They come with their own built-in loyalty programs and built-in user bases that are already gambling, so why wouldn’t they?

WINk it is not just an opportunity to win big at the tables. It’s also an opportunity to keep an eye on the future of crypto gambling.

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