WPN Affiliates Wins at iGB Affiliate Awards 2017

WPN Affiliates Wins at iGB Affiliate Awards 2017

WPN Affiliates won two awards from the recently concluded iGB Affiliate Awards 2017 held in London. WPN received the Best Poker Affiliate Program award, while Stephanie Robinson became this year’s recipient of the Best Poker Affiliate Manager award.

iGB Affiliate is an iGaming business that focuses on the affiliate program. The 25 winners of the awards are rewarded for their company’s innovations, achievements, and growth in the industry. Providing the affiliate program to Americas Cardroom, Ya Poker, and Black Chip poker, WPN is among the top affiliate programs and it deserved the two awards in the poker affiliate sector due to three factors.

Flexible payment plans

All affiliates are not just given a choice of two payment plans in this program. An affiliate can pick one of four ways to get compensation on referrals. Making these plans better is the fact that WPN Affiliates pay commission in Bitcoin. Affiliates can expect faster transfer of payments.

  • Net revenue share deal
  • Cpa deal
  • Rakeback deal
  • Sub-affiliates deal

Net revenue share deal is the most common affiliate commission payment plan. Those affiliated with WPN Affiliates earn commission through the revenue a referral generates by spending money in a poker card room. The affiliates’ revenue percentage depends on the amount of revenue their referred players earn in a month, but affiliates can reach 35 percent every month.

iGB Affiliate Awards 2017

Cost per acquisition (CPA) deal, on the other hand, pays commissions to affiliates when their referrals meet certain requirements. This involves the referred players making a first deposit. Affiliates who want to choose the CPA deal will need to reach an affiliate manager of WPN Affiliates via email.

Meanwhile, rakeback deal is a unique commission plan. Affiliates earn a percentage of the net rake their players generate every week. Much like the net revenue share plan, affiliates can get a higher cut of the profit when their referrals earn more commission in a month.

Engaging poker promos

WPN Affiliates has a rich assortment of poker promotions and special tournaments that can help affiliates refer many potential poker players. Currently, there are 12 promotions, and these include Freerolls on Demand, Elite Benefits, and Sunday Special.

WPN Affiliates poker promotions

Freerolls poker matches allow referrals to join without paying any buy-in fees. Freerolls on Demand provides many free poker matches all throughout the week. The Elite Benefits promo, on the other hand, is a loyalty program. This program rewards referrals who constantly play poker on any of the partner fiat and Bitcoin poker rooms like Americas Cardroom.  Players can also check out Sunday Special, which is essentially a major tournament that has a $150,000 prize pool. As the name says, this promo is available every Sunday.

Optimized marketing tools

WPN Affiliates ensures every affiliate will have all the necessary tools to efficiently drive traffic to the website. The program provides effective materials that include custom banners and visually attractive landing pages, among others.

Landing pages

WPN Affiliates’ landing pages are a customizable service that allows affiliates to create a special landing page that utilizes the partner brands’ logo. Affiliates can also include a custom message that can help them convince any site’s visitors to become referrals.


The banners provided by the program are a flexible tool open for every affiliate’s use. They can customize the banners to fit their websites or newsletters. These banners can include the affiliate’s logo and make it match with the partner brand.

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