Bitcoin Double Review

Bitcoin Double Review

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Bitcoin Double Overview

You will sure duple the thrill as you experience a double win! This is the number feature of Bitcoin Double that you will surely love. There are only three steps for you to learn and keep in mind, choose one lucky bet, win, and receive earnings twice as your wager. Furthermore, the chance of doubling your bet is set at 48%, not bad isn’t it?

Bitcoin Double offers a unique game wherein all you have to do is choose your bet, the minimum bet is 0.01 BTC and the maximum bet is 5 BTC. After that, a draw will happen and if the result corresponds to your bet, you are indeed lucky as you will bag twice the amount of your bet. More than that, English is the only available language in the site and bitcoin is the only payment method accepted here.

To start playing in Bitcoin Double, first thing you must do is to deposit amounts of bitcoins. To deposit, all you must do is click the deposit button and it will lead you to a site called They have defined this site as a separate place that they are using for registrations, deposits, as well as withdrawals. All you need to do is provide three things, a username, password, as well as email address. However, email address is optional as it will be used just in case you lost your password.

After the registration, you are almost done as you already have an account. But then, in Bitcoin Double you have to wait for a few moments to receive the address where you can send your bitcoins to, unlike other Bitcoin gambling sites where you can see this immediately. Also, before you can place your bet, you have to wait until you receive 1 confirmation from them. If you have received the confirmation, you are now more than ready to play for a double win.

When it comes to withdrawal, all you have to do is go to the withdrawal page, enter the amount you wish to withdraw and your personal address you want to send it to.  After that, it will be processed and in a few moments will be accomplished. They also provide MD5 verification for you to see the previous transactions but it is really limited.

Bitcoin Double’s graphics is average. The combination of white and yellow actually made the site appears neat and organized at the same time lively. The platform appears simple which actually invites the players to double their bets in the simplest way. However, when it comes to information, nothing much is given in terms of rules, conditions, how to play the game, as well as common problems players might encounter. Moreover, customer support is also not provided in the site; hence, there is a big question mark on how are you going to contact them when you have questions or concerns.

As a Bitcoin online gambling site, Bitcoin Double’s offer to win twice as you wager is sure a great thing. However, they have to ensure the players of reliability by providing complete information, customer support, as well as comprehensive transparency.

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