Bitcoin Mega Lottery Review

Bitcoin Mega Lottery Review

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Bitcoin Mega Lottery Overview

For a transparent and provably fair game of Bitcoin lottery, there is only one place to be in and that is Bitcoin Mega Lottery. This Bitcoin casino offers a premium lottery experience that will certainly give bettors big chances of winning huge prizes. In fact, despite the numerous lottery sites available online, this Bitcoin lottery will surely catch the eye of casino enthusiasts, especially the avid players of this casino game.

What sets Bitcoin Mega Lottery apart from other Bitcoin-powered lottery sites are the myriad game features it offers. The perks that await bettors are extremely well thought of that no one would dare think twice of spending some time and bitcoins with this simple yet profitable game of lottery. Truth be told, first-time players will absolutely enjoy betting in this Bitcoin casino.


Flexible Bitcoin Raffle

Unlike the other lottery sites, Bitcoin Mega Lottery gives bettors the freedom to choose which betting method they prefer to use. With this flexibility, they can either bet using the Quick Pick method or do the classic way offered in many Bitcoin lottery sites.

Choosing the Quick Pick method entails instant betting, so players will only have to send any multiple of 0.001 BTC to the official wallet address posted on its website. This, however, means that the system will be the one to automatically and verifiably determine the numbers on their ticket.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin raffle bettors can also select their own set of four numbers by sending these numbers in decimal format to the provided wallet address. In this way, players can conveniently bet on the numbers they deem to be lucky or favorable to them.

Easy Ways to Win

This Bitcoin lottery draws four numbers every play; therefore, the goal of each bettor is to have all the lucky numbers to match the four they have chosen. In the event that all numbers match, the lucky player wins the Pool 4 prize and receives a free play.

However, in cases of multiple winners, the prize will be divided among them. Keep in mind, though, that the number of matched numbers corresponds to the prize pool and that at least one winning number grants a free play. Moreover, a total of 50% of the pool amount are stored for future draws.

Provable Fairness of Every Draw

This lottery takes pride in its provably fair game that creates a reliable and transparent betting platform. With the detailed ways to verify the fairness, this Bitcoin lottery surely knows how to earn the trust and confidence of every bettor. In addition, it encourages players to check its main lottery address to support its claim that it is not a scam Bitcoin gambling site indeed.

With such dedication to provide casino players with a reliable and first-class lottery betting, Bitcoin Mega Lottery is certainly a great place for winning big payouts from betting on lucky numbers. Bet now and experience all these in this Bitcoin lottery!

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