BTC-Jockey Review

BTC-Jockey Review

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BTC-Jockey Overview

If you’re looking for a brand new Bitcoin gambling site that does not involve the usual ones, BTC-Jockey is the place to go. It brings the fresh concept (at least in a Bitcoin gaming platform) of playing against a player and not against the site itself. The game at BTC-Jockey, as the name suggests, is horse racing; virtual horse racing to be exact. If you like the sound of it, that’s good; because this new game is a must-try.

Visual Premise

The graphics of the website and the game itself are superb. The details are well thought of and go along with everything that BTC-Jockey is all about, which means that every detail is pretty much consistent with the others. This makes their platform extraordinarily simple yet ingenious.

Fun Mechanics

The overall dynamics of the game is a breath of fresh air. To begin with, up to four players can battle in the beautifully crafted horse racing tracks online with the power and speed of the horse dependent on the bets placed. The chosen balance share between the participants will serve as the bet.

Each horse has the following main characteristics: Life, Stamina, Acceleration, Regeneration of Stamina, and Speed. Each characteristic depends on your bet and the bet of other players. There are two controls in the game – acceleration and jump.

If you press the acceleration button, your horse will run faster, but the stamina will be spent. If you press the jump button, your horse will, of course, jump, but the stamina will also be spent. If you leave the buttons alone, the stamina will be restored every second. If a horse’s stamina is consumed, overall health will be spent and left unrestored. Thus, the horse will give up and disappear from your screen.

At the end of the game, the winner will receive his winnings from the total bets of all the players, minus a site tax.  The rate of a winner’s rewards, however, is not disclosed.

Trial Game

If there’s only one player, it is considered a practice or a trial play and the bets placed will be automatically returned to a player’s Bitcoin wallet. Thus, as long as you’re alone in the racing track, you can play as much as you want because it’s for free.


Since you’re competing against another player/s, BTC-Jockey guarantees fairness in all angles. Transparency is also observed because all transactions are stored in one’s profile. The website itself has nothing to do with game results since it will be up to the players. This is a race, not a betting game.


Aside from the chance to play for free, BTC-Jockey also gives out freebies to players. If your balance becomes empty, you will automatically be given a bonus of 200 satoshi in a few minutes. That’s not all. If you’re in a training mode, meaning you’re the only player, you get to receive a training bonus of 500 satoshi. Lastly, all new players are guaranteed to have a good time even before starting to play as 10,000 satoshi is up for grabs just by joining the fun. Depositing bitcoins is not even required to enter the game, just place your bets and you’re all set for an amazing horse racing action.

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