Dogecoin Dice Review

Dogecoin Dice Review

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Dogecoin Dice Overview

RollTheCoin is an online gambling site that exclusively accepts the alternative cyrptocurrency Dogecoin instead of Bitcoin and other traditional currencies. Although it is not as popular as Bitcoin, this alternative cryptocurrency enjoys a vibrant, supportive, and ever-growing community of Dogecoin enthusiasts, who guarantee the potential of Dogecoin gambling to spearhead its way to success.

Betting with Dogecoin is not yet common in the online gambling scene, but RollTheCoin has already taken the initiative to bring the fun and excitement found in the typical dice game to the promising world of Dogecoin betting. However, instead of launching a casino filled with the in-demand casino games, this betting site has decided to feature only one game and that is Dogecoin Dice.


Dogecoin Dice Game

Dogecoin Dice is based on the normal bitcoin dice game fundamentals. In fact, without the knowledge of the fact that this site and game only accept the Shibu-Inu laden coin, anyone will instantly think that this is actually a Bitcoin dice game, proving its strong resemblance with the games showcased in the Bitcoin gambling industry.

When it comes to playing it, bettors will surely find it easy. After all, they must simply choose the percentage or chance of winning and the amount of Dogecoin to wager. Also, bettors will have the opportunity to select which of the two—‘Roll Under’ and ‘Roll Over’—will land them closer to massive payouts. Once all has been taken care of, it is time to hit the ‘Roll Dice’ button and wait if Lady Luck favors their cause.

Winning in this dice game is truly worth it because it posts a low house edge of only 0.98%. Clearly, this is among the lowest offered by dice games on the web, and it ensures that its players will receive more profits than if they wager on another dice hosted by other casinos online.

Aside from the straightforward mechanics of placing bets and rolling the dice, this betting site also boasts user-friendly interface. Through this, players will not difficulties in knowing which to click because all sections are properly labelled. However, when it comes to its overall design, it is rather a mystery why an image of the moon is used as the site’s background. Nevertheless, this is only a minute detail that does not, in any way, affect the betting experience provided by playing Dogecoin Dice.


Deposits & Withdrawls

Meanwhile, when it comes to transferring funds, bettors are guaranteed to breeze through because the payment system is efficient and reliable. Depositing Dogecoin requires a minimum amount of 0.00000001 Doge and a total of three confirmations. On the other hand, withdrawing funds will not charge any fee, but the least amount that can be cashed out is 0.0002 Doge. Also, the most recent deposit must already have at least 10 confirmations for the withdrawal to be processed.

In addition to this, RollTheCoin features more services, including instant registration for quick betting, real-time chat function, and an automatic betting robot.


All in all, this betting site must be praised for its Dogecoin Dice game because it is more than capable of providing an excellent Dogecoin gambling for worldwide players online. Therefore, dice enthusiasts should definitely play this using Dogecoin of course.

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