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The online gambling platform is designed exclusively for Dogecoin bettors. It is purely a dice betting website, and it has a 1% house edge.

Developed to be mobile-friendly, this website loads seamlessly in any browser of a smartphone and tablet, and its game performs without any trouble despite repeated wagers. It also dons a very simplistic yet modern look that works best on mobile and even on PCs.

Its crypto dice game serves as the lifeblood of this platform; after all, there is no other game hosted here. Fortunately, the game is relatively easy and decent to play, which is a significant plus for the website for it to survive the blossoming Dogecoin gambling sector.

At the time of writing, there are about 11.8 million bets placed since the game was launched, and around 4.29 billion DOGE have already been wagered. These figures say a lot about, and it is obviously positive.


Doge Dice Games

However, going through the recent bets that are updated in real-time, it becomes apparent that the majority of the placed bets come from almost the same set of players. This is not to imply, though, that the operators are the ones betting on the game; instead, it is rather interesting that there are not too many Dogecoin players on this website yet it thrives, which, again, is a good thing.

While the game is similar to most Bitcoin dice games, it is still worth your time. There is one drawback when it comes to its interface, however, and it involves the colors used. Even if the brightness and contrast are set to full, the website looks a little gloomy. Hopefully, this brand will improve its color palette to create a livelier environment. manages to score another point, though, through its provably fair dice game. It uses the day’s secret, the client’s seed, and the client’s ID with bet number to verify that each round is free from manipulation and the game itself is not rigged.

The minimum bet available is 1 DOGE while the maximum bet depends on the current bankroll and the multiplier. These details can be easily seen on the interface, which is almost 100% similar to a typical dice game featured on a Bitcoin gambling platform.

Aside from wagering on the game, there is also an option to invest in the betting platform. If you opt to take advantage of this feature, you are bound to receive profits from the gains the website makes. This offer is not bad at all, even if your share will be deducted 10% commission on net profits.

Withdrawals & Deposits

On a different note, the payment system employed on this website is quick and straightforward. For example, when depositing some dogecoins, the funds will be credited to your balance within a few seconds since zero confirmations are required. However, at least one confirmation is needed for all your deposit transactions in order to make a withdrawal.


All in all, is a decent gambling site to wager dogecoins for a series of dice betting online. In the event it rolls out upgrades to its current platform, this website may surely become one of the outstanding Dogecoin gambling platforms out there.

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