Four One Five Review

Four One Five Review

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Four One Five Overview

Bitcoin Poker sites have been burgeoning making it possible for you to find a room to play this Bitcoin casino game anywhere in the cyber world. One of the newest Bitcoin Poker room is Four. One. Five. It is hosted in Iceland on a gigabit connection and welcomes all players who wanted to experience their offered Poker wonders.



Four One Five Poker Games

Four. One. Five is definitely simple in all its glory. Plain background, minimal graphics, and no extras. Everything is straightforward. Compared to other Poker sites, this Bitcoin poker platform might appear dull. However, it brings numerous advantages such as user-friendly and less complicated lobby and Poker tables. In addition, the interface is smooth and the control buttons are simple to use making it a Bitcoin Poker room easy to get acquainted with.

Quick and Simple Way to Get Started

To start playing Poker at Four. One. Five, first thing you must accomplish is your Player’s account. Worry not as you can get this done in less than a minute. All you have to do is provide several details such as username, location, password, gender, email address, and real name (optional). In addition, you must also select your avatar in this step and they have 64 different avatars for you to choose from. Once everything is set, click ‘Ok’ and you are ready to go.

Prompt Deposit and Withdrawal

After your account has been created, deposit and withdrawal links will be given for you to save. To deposit, you just have to click the link and send amount of Bitcoins to the wallet address shown. Take note that the minimum deposit is .001 BTC. Your deposit will be credited to your account after one network confirmation. On the other hand, payouts are also almost instant. Once you have filled out the necessary details in the withdrawal slip, your transaction will be processed immediately and you will get your winnings in just few minutes.

Freerolls and Tournaments

Four. One. Five offers various freerolls and tournaments. These are definitely must-grab opportunities to boost your bankroll and win big soon. If you have the skill, you will sure get the most of these freerolls and tournaments that are frequently offered and enjoyed in this Bitcoin Poker site.

Customer Support

You can let them know of your questions, concerns, or even suggestions via email and expect to receive response to your query in not more than 24 hours

Four. One. Five is simple yet good Bitcoin Poker site. It maybe new, but you will definitely be amaze that this Poker room already has good player traffic. You don’t have to wait long to be able to sit in their tables and play Poker with Bitcoins. Know more details about Four. One. Five.

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