FreeBitcoin Review

FreeBitcoin Review

FreeBitcoin Overview

Who would turn down free bitcoins? I know what you’re thinking. It’s too good to be true. While some sites claim to give you free Bitcoin and never deliver, one place has been doing so for years. FreeBitcoin is one of the leaders in Bitcoin gambling and allows you to win free Bitcoin every hour.

Learn more about how you can get free Bitcoin in our FreeBitcoin review, along with the ways you can use that free coin to earn even more BTC. BTC.

FreeBitcoin Pros and Cons


  • Bitcoin faucet
  • Anonymous account setup
  • Sports and event betting available
  • Provably fair gaming


  • Bitcoin only
  • Limited gaming options
  • Fees for withdrawals

How to Get Free Bitcoin

Every hour, you will get a roll to win free BTC. All you have to do is solve captchas to get a free roll on the Bitcoin faucet. Every roll is a winner. The majority of rolls will win a minuscule amount of BTC. Roll a number of 9,886 or higher and win a larger prize. Hit a roll of 10,000 and get the top prize of .0175 BTC.

You can roll every hour. Afterward, you can then play any of the Bitcoin gambling games available on the website to multiply BTC.

FreeBitcoin Bitcoin Games

FreeBitcoin offers various Bitcoin games that you can play to multiply your Bitcoins. You can use the BTC earned through the site or deposit BTC to play. Here are the games you can play:

Hi-Lo: A simple betting game similar to dice. For the base bet, you’re betting on whether a roll of the dice will be Hi or Lo. Win the Hi bet when the number is above 5,250 and win the Lo game when it is under 4,750. You have a chance of winning up to 4,750x your stake. You can also make jackpot bets worth up to 1 full Bitcoin.

Betting: You can make bets on individual events to earn Bitcoins. These range from sporting events to the US Presidential election. This is not like standard sports betting, as there are a handful of events available. Any solid FreeBitcoin strategy will include making bets on events.

Lottery – Purchase bitcoin lottery tickets to win one of ten prizes in the weekly lottery. The jackpots grow as more tickets are purchased. Each lottery ticket costs 1 satoshi.

You can also earn free Bitcoin just by holding a balance on the site. Any balance held on the website will accrue interest. The daily interest rate is around .01 percent, with an annual interest rate of 4.08%. This is better than you’ll get in any bank.


Signing up for an account is simple and completely anonymous. Just enter an email address and a password to sign up for your initial account. Once you’ve signed up for an account, you can go to the profile page to change your password, set up two-factor authentication, change other preferences such as setting up your withdrawal address. The site does not require any personal information, even when you’re ready to cash out.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Depositing at FreeBitcoin is easy. Just click on the Deposit button atop any page. You’ll then receive an address to send your Bitcoin. Once sent, it will be available in your account balance after a single confirmation. There are no minimums for withdrawals.

When you’re ready to cash out, click the Withdraw button at the top of any page. You have three options for withdrawals. The faster you want your money, the more you will pay. The slowest option is the Auto withdrawal, which processes on Sunday. It costs 3,000 satoshis. You can also opt for the Slow withdrawal with takes 6 to 24 hours and costs around 3,700 satoshis.

If you want your money fast, opt for Instant withdrawals, which charges around 15,000 satoshis. This credits to your account in about 15 minutes.

Note that the free for the Slow and Instant withdrawal methods fluctuate based on the time of day and network traffic.

Rewards and Referrals

FreeBitcoin doesn’t offer Bitcoin online casino bonuses, but they do offer both a rewards and referral program. The referral program rewards you for every player that signs up and plays at the site through your link. In addition to a commission paid based on play, you’ll also get a free lottery ticket, and 1 reward point for every free BTC roll your referrals play.

The rewards program gives you reward points for every free BTC roll you play. You also get points and free tickets when your referrals play games. You can then exchange points for satoshis. The minimum you can exchange is 100,000 points, which is .001 BTC.


Support for this site is very limited compared to other websites. The primary way to get help is through the FAQ page. It is quite comprehensive and covers most common questions. However, if you need additional support, the only way to contact them is through a contact form on the FAQ page. This site would greatly benefit from live chat support.

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