Infiniti Poker Review

Infiniti Poker Review

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Infiniti Poker Overview

“Most advanced and strategically authentic online poker room” – this is the aspect most highlighted by Infiniti Poker to attract players to be part of their site. As what is stated in their website, their mission is to provide poker players with highest levels of excitement and enjoyment through their excellent online poker environment amongst other Bitcoin online gambling sites. Moreover, as what the name of the site suggests, it offers only a certain card game – that is poker. It is not specifically stated in their site if they are offering varieties of the said card game. In terms of language, English is the only one that is available in their site.

Infiniti Poker

Infiniti Poker is claiming to have the most advanced and authentic online poker room, and that is absolutely true based on the screenshots they have posted for the players to see. The card room is like a typical one, the green table in the middle with the cards in the center. However, that is not the reason why the online poker room they are offering is astonishing. If in some sites they use avatars to represent the gamers, in this site, you can clearly see the real players as well as communicate with each other as webcams are used. You read it right! It is indeed advanced and authentic in all its glory as the player can have a real playing environment inside a virtual world.

Bitcoins are accepted as a type of payment method on Infiniti Poker; however, other methods that are used when playing regular cash are not specified. Read more about Bitcoin gambling now. Same goes with the process of opening an account, when you first enter their site, certainly the first you must look for is the button that will lead you in opening your account; however, there is no such thing. The only thing you can have on Infinity Poker is sign-up for their Infiniti Newsletter which requires your e-mail address.

Infiniti Poker also features the  Infiniti Prestige Club wherein loyal customers who support the site by playing regular cash games are given “prestige points” that can be gathered, and then use to buy merchandise at their Infiniti Store like T-shirts and caps with Infiniti Poker logo, not only that, you can also use these points as buy-ins for designated tournaments.

What makes Infiniti Poker definitely an amazing site compared to others is that they offer Infiniti Connected Home Games. It is an advanced social network at the same time online poker site rolled into one. In this feature, you can easily have the capability to “tag” new friends so you can invite them to play a private game with you as well as socialize with each other while playing poker.

The contemporary and enigmatic theme created by the shades of violet, red, and black made the site appears luxurious together with the calming effect which can ultimately attract the visitor to try what they are offering. Moreover, the minimalist effect of the site wherein just important statements as well as visuals are emphasized is certainly pleasing to the eye and absolutely made the details they want the players to know on a clear manner. However, in terms of availability information, this site lacks so much more.

You can find very limited information regarding the site. Just basics are available and if you wanted to read more, you are then persuaded to sign up for their newsletter, which can be inconvenient for the gamers. Other than that, Infiniti Poker can still offer a different experience as it gives a complete authentic experience of playing poker in the cyber world. Want to try their amazing online poker rooms? Read about Infiniti Poker here!

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