Satoshi Circle Review

Satoshi Circle Review

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Satoshi Circle Overview

Your fortune will be determined by the wheel’s every turn. This is the very gist of enjoying and playing in Satoshi Circle. As what its name suggests, it offers only one bitcoin game, a wheel game. You actually have two wheels to choose from, the first wheel has 8 losing digits which are below 1, the winning digits are four 1.50x, one 1.20x and 1.25x, two 2x, and the highest is one 3x. The second wheel, on the other hand, also has 8 losing digits, all are 0x, one .7x, but has eight winning digits and all are 2x. The main goal of this game is to get the arrow of the wheel stop on a digit higher than 1x to win.

Satoshi Circle accepts only one currency which is bitcoins. It’s good to have an idea on how to buy bitcoin. With regard to the site, the only language provided is English. This Bitcoin gambling site also offers Provably Fair Gaming; hence, they claimed that all spins are instantly and independently verifiable, and most importantly random. Their house advantage is 1.76% compared for roulette which is 5.26%.

Rewards are also offered in Satoshi Circle. You must complete milestones to earn awards that will be given as you progress in the game. From your wagers and rewards you will have Reward Points. You can use these reward points for prizes which are redeemable things in the future.

Starting at Satoshi Circle is easy and simple. No accounts or forms are needed. All you have to do is favorite or bookmark your current page url since this will contain your personal “Satoshi Circle Secret Code.” With this, you are on the go to close the game and just return anytime you want. It will also allow you to play across multiple devices. After that, you can now fund your account by using your personal deposit address they have provided. Next is to select a wager amount. There is no minimum bet required but the maximum bet per spin is 1 BTC. Lastly is to spin the circle to know if it will really bring you great fortune.

This Bitcoin online gambling site graphics is excellent with its seemingly carnival theme. The ambiance looks alive and incredible with the use of ferocious red as the backdrop. The wheels design is also great as they appear enigmatic urging to spin to know what kind of fortune it can bring you.  More than that, while playing, it provides sounds that will make you feel relax and excited at the same time.

Satoshi Circle is sure to spin your world upside down with its cool wheel game, convenient way to get started, excellent graphics, and rewards. Sure you want to spin its wheel game for yourself. Read more about Satoshi Circle here.

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