Satoshi?s Roulette Review

Satoshi’s Roulette Review

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Satoshi's Roulette Overview

The first time you entered the domain of Satoshis Roulette, all is offered right before your eyes. And what is truly amazing about this Bitcoin online gambling site is the fact that it is not only a bitcoin gambling site but can be considered a crypto-currency gambling site as it is the only the online casino that accepts almost all the crypto-currency available in the market.

Contrary to what this bitcoin site’s name conveys, Satoshi’s Roulette offers lot of bitcoin games other than roulette. It offers bitcoin games like Jackpot Roulette, Mini Roulette, Sic Bo, Jackpot Dice, Reverse Dice, Mini Dice, Coin Flip, Slowpoke, Slot Machines, Love Tester, Rock Paper Scissors, as well as Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock.

As mentioned above, it accepts several cryptocurrencies as payment methods. It includes Bitcoins, Litecoins, PPCoin, Terracoin, Novacoin, as well as Primecoin. But then, obviously, bitcoins is the most popular among these; hence, much convenient and easier to use. More than that, English is the only available language in this site. Read more about Bitcoin gambling here.

The main highlight of this online Bitcoin gambling site is the fact that it offers varied crypto-currencies; hence, added more twists and excitements. Aside from that, you also switch modes from one crypto-currency to another. And as you switch from one to another, the amount of each game’s progressive jackpot varies.

To get started with Satoshi Roulette all you need to do is place your bet in the game of your liking. Yes, no account is needed for you to get started. You must take note that there is maximum and minimum bet. After choosing on either maximum or minimum bet, a bitcoin wallet address will appear. The next step for you to do is send the required amounts of bitcoins to the address given. After that, you are ready to rock and roll as transaction is completely done.

One of the unique features of Satoshi’s Roulette is that it offers a really great chat box. There, you can always express your comments and testimonials about your experience in the site. Furthermore, you can also ask questions and these will be answered almost instantly.

In terms of graphics designs, it provides a simple one. However, it helped the site to highlight their important features as well as the details. When it comes to games, they also offer great ones. As you switch from a game to another, the ambiance and the feel would also change as every game has its own motif.

Information is also strength of this site. Complete and accurate information are offered including the details about the games as well as the rules. More than that, transparency is also emphasized in Satoshi’s Roulette as they show the payout table and the leaderboard to know the players who got the highest payouts. To know more about the legalities of the use of bitcoin, please visit our Bitcoin Gambling Legal page.

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