Smash The Stack Review

Smash The Stack Review

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Smash the Stack Overview

Smash the Stack is definitely not another Bitcoin dice site. This gaming platform offers a counter based game wherein players use bets to push a counter to 1337. Bitcoin is the primary mode of payment accepted so you can sure expect convenient and advantageous gaming experience.



Rules of Smash the Stack’s counter based game

The main goal of the Smash the Stack game is to push the counter to 1337. To do this, you have to bet certain amounts with equivalent number of rolls as each roll increases the counter by +1.  You have several betting options to choose from since each roll is equal to 0.01 BTC. Take note that the maximum bet per transaction is 1 BTC or 100 rolls.  The winning bet (#1337) will sure get whopping bitcoin winnings straight to his/her payout address.

How to get started at Smash the Stack?

Two things are needed to create an account on Smash the Stack, username and your preferred payout address. After providing these details, you will have your own account in just few seconds. Next thing you have to do is send your bet to the personal wallet address given. You can also opt to just scan the QR code shown to place your bet. After one network confirmation, your bet will appear on the site and that means it has been successfully placed.

Instant and Sky high Payout

If you just got lucky and became the player who wagered #1337, you will sure win 10 BTC. Definitely, this is one of the highest payout you can receive in the Bitcoin gambling industry. On the other hand, they instantly process your payouts so you can absolutely have your winnings in just few minutes.

Vibrant Gaming Platform

Not only will your wallet be satisfied, but also your eyes. The website itself can definitely whet your gaming appetite as aside from relaxing ambiance, everything is neatly presented. Furthermore, the interface is user-friendly and easy to get acquainted with. So definitely, even you are new you will never find it hard to play and win in this Bitcoin casino site.

Is Smash the Stack Issue True?

It’s definitely not. If you go over the internet and search for information regarding this matter, you will find nothing. Instead, you will get positive reviews and comments from its satisfied players that keep on playing, having fun, and winning in this bitcoin gaming portal.

With a new game twist added, you will sure enjoy playing Smash the Stack. Betting bitcoins is made more fun and easier by the fact that in one lucky hit, you can sure get an enormous amount of 10 BTC. Definitely, it is a good opportunity you have to relish and grab. Know more about this bitcoin gambling site.

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