Where’s Your Edge Poker Review

Where's Your Edge Poker Review

Where's Your Edge Overview

Where’s Your Edge Poker or known as The Edge is an online cryptocurrency poker site. This brand was founded by three diehard online poker players who were able to find a way to bring back online poker to the players after being cut off from this game after Black Friday. They were able to do this by utilizing Bitcoin and Litecoin from their transactions; hence, these two are the only payment method accepted.

Moreover, Where’s Your Edge Poker currently provides variants of Poker like Texas Holdem with No Limit as well as Pot Limit. They also offer Omaha Hi with Limit and Pot Limit and Hi/Lo with Pot Limit. In addition, they have claimed that as their poker rooms grow, the variety of games they are providing will grow as well.  On the other hand, English is the only offered language in their site.

Where’s Your Edge Poker also offers variety of tournaments ‘from guaranteed tournaments.’ They also have specialty bounty tournaments and low buy in tournaments so that it will be easier for you to build up your bankroll. More than that, the house rake in this Bitcoin poker site is 3%.

To get started at Where’s Your Edge Poker first thing you need to do is register. To do this, you have fill-in the required fields such as username, real name, gender, location, email address, password, and choose your avatar. After that, you can already fund your account. To make a deposit, you have two options either ‘Deposit Bitcoin’ or ‘Deposit Litecoins’. Once your account is verified, they will be generating a wallet address where you can send your deposit. After one confirmation is received, your chip balance will be credited.

Furthermore, the coin/chip valuation on this site is based on Litecoins and their reason is because the latter has ‘greater stability’. Hence, if you deposited Bitcoins, the server will instantly convert it to Litecoins where 1 LTC is equivalent to 10 poker chips.

This bitcoin poker site’s game platform is a bit old-fashioned and the use of color pink is overpowering to the eye. However, it offers live chat that allows you to communicate with other players to ask questions, give poker strategies, as well as express your opinions. In addition, this site provides an excellent customer service as based on them their focus is on ‘providing the best experience’ to its players; hence, they will try to get back to your inquiries within an hour.

All in all, Where’s Your Edge Poker is an average bitcoin poker site. It offers cool features and good poker games; however, most of these can also be found in other online poker site. But then, its customer service can outshine other; hence, it also has the edge among other bitcoin poker brands.

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