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ASICTrade has been providing a selection of hardware for Bitcoin mining since 2013. Yes, specifically for mining. Why, you ask?

The process of mining involves the employment of intricate hardware, which is used to solve the complex algorithms that guarantee the authenticity of transactions that took place within the system.

Bitcoin mining is possibly the purest form of making profit off the virtual currency. It is the process responsible for the creation of crypto coins. It does not, however, only act as a mothership for the production of bitcoins; it also contributes to the backbone of the technology’s security. This makes it safe for individuals to transact inside the network.

Until today, the Ukraine-based company continues to supply individuals with high-quality tools for mining.

What does offer?                                                                                                            

If you wish to become the best miner, then  is the place to go. The company carries famous brands for mining such as ASICMiner, Avalon, RockMiner, BitCrane, Bitmain, each offering their unique characteristics that suit any of the miners’ preference. Moreover, the brand carries more reputable hardware names for the mining purposes.

The company not only caters to ‘hotshot’ miners who spend thousands of dollars on their rigs. Here, you can find mining equipment that fits a variety of skill levels from beginners to veterans.

On top of all of these offerings, the business offers services that allow customers to exchange their fiat currencies to Bitcoin. This is another feature that allows users to jump start a career in mining. All exchanges are completed within 15 to 20 minutes, and no intermediary parties are dealt with. The service works directly with the team and its users.



As time passes and more bitcoins are created, the process of mining becomes more complex due to its limited nature. This means that the hardware used for mining has to cope with the difficulty of the processes. ensures that miners are continuously supplied with up-to-date instruments for mining.

The brand guarantees to offer only legitimate products that can endure the progressing difficulty of mining. You will not find second-rate products in the vocabulary of the business, which is why they are the only ones to trust when it comes to hardware toughness. Moreover, expect to receive praiseworthy customer service coming from the team.

Mining expertise ’s exemplary knowledge of the trade will definitely generate additional interest in the field of mining. Moreover, it strengthens the tradition by continuing to provide all the necessary instruments. Its established customer and positive feedback reflects the quality of services the team exhibits.

Regardless of the increasing number of profit-making opportunities for individuals, mining should still be looked at as a possible avenue despite its increasing difficulty. Nonetheless, is here to guide everyone who desires to delve into the exciting world of Bitcoin mining.