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Jetcoin Institute

Jetcoin InstituteJetcoin Institute introduced a revolutionary environment that brings the fan-talent relationship to another level. It promotes an active and dynamic setup for spectators and personalities to interact with each other by assuming roles that will benefit both parties in the long run.

Launched in May 2015, this platform built with the NXT technology is where the talents of this generation begin their career into becoming the stars of tomorrow. With this, anyone can help spearhead the future of the young talents today. Yes, even you.

What makes Jetcoin interesting?

Jetcoin Institute may come off as quite confusing in the beginning, but exploring its main functions and features reveals a unique and interesting concept that is not common in the cryptocurrency setting.

This platform is an innovation in itself since it selects the up-and-coming talents in the sports and entertainment fields and helps them reach their stardom through the contributions and efforts of their fans.

Therefore, the talents will seemingly owe a part of their future to their fan base, who will technically manage their idols’ careers to some extent, thereby highlighting the loyalty of their followers.

This concept is made possible through Jetcoin, the primary digital fuel.

What is Jetcoin?

Think of Jetcoin (JTC) like Bitcoin and other digital coins. However, it is distinct in the sense that it is exclusively used within the Jetcoin platform and between the talents and the users. Moreover, it is not primarily used for purchasing goods from any online store and land-based establishment.

This is the cryptocurrency that will ensure the success of this program, and this digital token entitles users to buy IP rights of the Jetcoin Champions, the term used for the athletes and other talents joining the program.


What is revolutionary about Jetcoin?

Jetcoin Institute designed its tokens to be distributed accordingly among the key players in its network. Other than the presale, the primary means to acquire jetcoins are by purchasing the Jetcoin smart contracts and through the proof of social engagement (P.O.S.E) system.

When you purchase these smart contracts, you hold certain IP rights of the Champion. For instance, fans who own smart contracts of football player Antoine Viterale, the first-ever Jetcoin Champion dubbed by the media as the ‘future Beckham,’ will receive part of his revenue straight in their digital Jetcoin wallet.

Moreover, users may engage in the social media by liking the champion’s Facebook page, following his Twitter account, and sharing his YouTube videos in order to earn more JTC as well as promoting the champion’s profile online.

Of course, JTC can also be purchased right from its platform, making this network all the more flexible, useful, and absolutely innovative.

Will the Jetcoin platform succeed?

There is no doubt that it will. With its distinct purpose in the cryptocurrency landscape and new ways to take part in the career success of select athletes and personalities, Jetcoin Institute is expected to make a name in this niche and become one of the services we like.

Similarly, it has already established a core of partners, including the likes of Stadia, PogoSeat, XNF Trading, DXMarkets, and Samsung SportsFlow. It even became the man sponsor of A.C. ChievoVerona, a Serie A football team.