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RemitanoRemitano makes Bitcoin trading safe and secure for both parties. The company offers an escrow service for Bitcoin and fiat transactions. It is one of the services we like because of how it can protect all Bitcoin traders through this service.

When a buyer and a seller want to do a trade, Remitano will secure the Bitcoin from the seller. The buyer will send the payment to the seller through the website. This company will only give the Bitcoin to the buyer once they receive a confirmation from the seller that they got the payment.

Remitano also offers customer support in case that any problems occur with the trade. This includes issues with the payment from the buyer’s side. Remitano also allows sellers or buyers to advertise their trade by using the website.

Advantages of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a great payment service for many people. Others use it as an investment asset. However, a person who use cryptocurrency may want to turn it into real-world currency at one point. This is where Remitano comes in.

One way of doing this is through a Bitcoin gateway company. Such companies will buy bitcoins at a flat rate. For some people, however, the flat rate from their local Bitcoin gateways is not acceptable.


In order to find a better value for their Bitcoin, they can trade it with a buyer. Bitcoin trades allow buyers and sellers to set their own Bitcoin price. They can even place their terms on the type of currency and payment method a Bitcoin owner will accept. Despite the flexibility of Bitcoin trading, there is a major flaw with this activity.

Limitations of Bitcoin trading

When a seller sends their Bitcoin to another address, there is no way they can easily reverse the transaction on their end. There are no offices or authorities that can cancel any Bitcoin transactions. This limitation is open to a number of possible scams. Criminals posing as legitimate buyers can easily trick a Bitcoin owner to send their digital coins to their address.

The blockchain technology that Bitcoin uses is where all Bitcoin transactions are set. People can see the movement of a person’s Bitcoin from one address to the next. However, the technology does not show the names of the owner of the Bitcoin wallet address. Criminals can also find a way to send the Bitcoin to launder the coins and send it to their personal Bitcoin address.

Remitano solves all these issues through its services that vow to make Bitcoin trading more accessible and convenient for all parties.