Bitcoin Dice

One of the easiest yet most exciting games to play is ‘Dice Game’. From a little rounded cube with 6 faces showing varied number of dots, you can simply get really big winnings. All you need to have is luck and skills in probability to emerge as the winner. Now, this simple game can be played anonymously with utmost convenience, thanks to the wonders of bitcoins. Everyone can now enjoy the Bitcoin dice to most absolutely win nice!


  1. — With a flexible house edge that ranges from 0.6% to 1%, becomes one of the most attractive Bitcoin dice sites. It also features a Bitcoin faucet, efficient payment systems, and provably fair gaming.
  2. 88BitcoinDice — Boasting a modern, feature-packed online Bitcoin gambling platform, Bitcoin gamers across the world will surely appreciate the unsurpassed prominence, fairness, and consistency that 88BitcoinDice has to offer. This innovative Bitcoin dice site will surely satisfy.
  3. SatoshiDice —  The biggest Bitcoin game in the universe – that’s what SatoshiDice is, and as what its name suggests, the only game offered here is a simple yet addictive Bitcoin dice game. This ingenious Bitcoin dice site offers a multilingual platform that caters to most of the world.
  4. PrimeDice 3 —  Just like its name suggests, PrimeDice offers only one dice game. This Bitcoin dice site offers astonishing features and instant transactions will stimulate any dice enthusiast out there, and with Bitcoin as the main payment method, it’s definitely more exciting.
  5. Betcoin Dice — Betcoin Dice claims to offer the highest instant Bitcoin payouts in the world. In addition, this Bitcoin dice site promises Bitcoin gamers to instantly become millionaires and to experience live play confirmations.
  6. — features several online dice games that are designed for various digital currencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and many more.


  • Chainroll – For provably fair dice betting that features instant deposits and withdrawals, Chainroll is the site to go to. It features live stats, 1% house edge, and a list of user-friendly features that make the gambling experience worthwhile. Expect a Bitcoin faucet to give away free BTC too.
  • 3-6 Dice — 3-6 Dice provides a Bitcoin dice game that can be played from 3 to 30 games. Additionally, the only payment method accepted in this Bitcoin dice site is, of course, Bitcoin.
  • BikiniDice – The name alone already gives a hint of uniqueness that will not only raise the players’ curiosity, but it is also one that helps it stand out in the Bitcoin gambling niche. BikiniDice, as apparent as it seems to be, is an online betting platform that features a Bitcoin dice game involving bikinis
  • CoinRoll — CoinRoll offers only one game, but there is no doubt that this Bitcoin gambling site is intending to offer more to the Bitcoin community.  For instance, it offers an instant play, instant bet, no Blockchain spam features. Add a 99% payout and great things await any Bitcoin bettor who takes a chance with this site.
  • Dice on Crack — This premier Bitcoin dice site accepts three types of payment methods: Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Terracoin. The basic strategies in dice gaming should guarantee any Bitcoin gamers out there a good time.
  • Just-Dice — Even though Just-Dice offers only one dice game, it is a fast-paced Bitcoin dice site with loads of potential to offer its audience. Bitcoin enthusiasts will surely enjoy spending their Bitcoins in this great dice site.
  • SuzukiDice —  SuzukiDice promises Bitcoin gamers out there the lowest house edge imaginable (0.9%). No account is needed to enjoy this brilliant Bitcoin dice site, and they emphasis on the fact that they are fair and trustworthy.
  • Bitcoinroll — Bitcoinroll is a good Bitcoin dice site to bet your bitcoins on luck. It also offers live statistics, a chat function, and a sleek dice interface. Additionally, bettors can be assured of their account’s security since Bitcoinroll’s platform is encrypted with SSL (Secure Socket Layer).
  • Cloud Dice — This Bitcoin dice platform support multiple cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. It also features an incredibly fair hash check, a simple interface, and a referral system. Cloud Dice is certainly a surprising Bitcoin gambling site, and its responsive platform is definitely worth a try.
  • EveryDice — EveryDice is a very competitive Bitcoin dice and Bitcoin casino site in one. It offers a provably fair platform, a referral bonus, and a 0.99% house edge that will surely satisfy any Bitcoin enthusiast. Investing in this Bitcoin dice site has no fees whatsoever.
  • BitDice — Even though similar to a lot Bitcoin dice sites online, BitDice is a Bitcoin dice site that offers a new experience with first-class features and services. The betting interface is simple to navigate, and bettors will never be tired of the cityscape background.
  • FastBluff — FastBluff is a provably fair Bitcoin dice site that provides its users the capacity to change their client seeds and a top-notch contemporary interface. Withdrawal transactions in this dice site are processed bi-hourly.
  • Sato Dice — This Bitcoin dice site offers a fast-paced dice game that packs a great set of features and services for the Bitcoin community. It also offers free bitcoins to the best player in the site, and its color-coded dice game can surely assure you a great time indeed.
  • ZokDice — Somewhat reminiscent of PrimeDice, ZokDice is one of those myriad of Bitcoin gambling sites that are not only pretty to look at, but also enjoyable to try out. This Bitcoin dice site also ensures that deposit and withdrawal processes are systematic.
  • CrowdDice — The Bitcoin dice game that has been created by Crowd and played by Crowd. Players play against other players, and game creators receive a massive creator bonus. Apart from all these, they offer a provably fair dice game that is always worth the try.
  • LuckyNumber — This cool Bitcoin dice game is fairly new in the market, but it has already proven itself to be worth the gander. Lucky Number boasts of a modern interface with a very generous affiliate program that offers 20% commission on house take. Everybody should watch out for this Bitcoin gambling site.
  • PRCDice — This brand of Pocket Rockets Casino surely is a site to behold. With its simple interface and leaderboards, this Bitcoin dice site is guaranteed to give merriment. It also supports Dogecoin aside from your usual BTC.
  • Dogecoin Dice – Roll the coin, take a spin, and experience the delight that is Dogecoin Dice. This online dice site is considered the best Dogecoin casino in the market with the lowest house edge of 0.98%. Rolling dice has never been this fun.
  • Pocket Dice – Recently launched and fresh from the land of Bitcoin dice games, Pocket Dice offers a unique take on online gaming, as it revolutionizes the way the Bitcoin community has perceived Bitcoin dice betting. This is surely a Bitcoin gambling site to look out for.
  • SatoshiCarnival – SatoshiCarnival has done an excellent job in creating a unique dice game. It also offers a reward tier and affiliate system, as well as an opportunity to invest as a bankroller. This Bitcoin dice site has so much potential to do well in the industry.


Bitcoin Dice can be played in numerous ways. Of course, knowing how to play dice, dice rules, and dice strategy can be of great importance. Some Bitcoin gambling sites offers the traditional way to play this game using the rounded cube. All you have to do is bet on the number you think will surface once the dice is rolled. However, the most popular way to play this bitcoin game is far from this. To make it a real bitcoin dice game in all its glory, it has been made a ‘blockchain-based betting game.’

Popularized by the well-known bitcoin betting site SatoshiDice, this game is played by betting on a specific digit in a certain range of numbers given. The rules on how to win depends upon the rules implemented by the bitcoin betting brand. Some sites offers a ‘Roll LO’ which means that if the number where you placed your wager on is lower than the result of the draw, you will get the winnings. However, there are brands that offer the opposite. On the other hand, there are also bitcoin gambling sites that offers both ‘Roll LO’ and ‘Roll HI’ wherein you are given the chance to choose if which among these options you want to gamble your bitcoins on.

There are several advantages you can get by opting to play Bitcoin dice. Since it revolves only around bitcoins, the most accommodating way to play and win are offered right before you; in addition to the fact that the real excitement and fun will certainly be yours as you roll this incredible dice game.

–          No Account Is Needed

Most bitcoin betting sites providing this bitcoin game offers ‘no account required’ feature. What does it mean? Personal credentials, including just a password and username are not required; hence, you can automatically place your bets on your preferred number.

–          Pay and Play Immediately 

To pay for the bet you have made, you just have to send the necessary amount of bitcoins to the personal Bitcoin wallet address they have generated for you. Some sites offers QR code which you can also use to pay for your bets, in case you do not want to do the latter. Most of these brands do not offer confirmations; therefore, you can easily get started.

–          All Players Are Welcome to Roll the Dice

This game can also be played wherever part of the globe you are in. Since, bitcoin is anonymous, there is no way for third parties to hinder or control your transactions. But then, it is a must to keep mind that as a responsible bitcoin player, you must respect the regulations, if there are any, implemented in your country.

There are several bitcoin betting sites known for offering Bitcoin Dice exclusively. We have provided full reviews on these sites to give you a hand in picking the finest one for you.


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