How to Play Dice

If you just entered the space of Bitcoin gambling, one of the games you must include on your top list is Bitcoin dice. This is not the typical dice game you know with a cube and let gravity and probability determine your luck as it falls. Instead, it is an exceptional way to enjoy the good old dice game where you can get the most of it by knowing how to play Bitcoin dice.

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Do you want to learn how to play Bitcoin dice?

Unlike the common dice game wherein you have only 6 numbers to choose from, in Bitcoin dice game, you can have great range of digits from hundreds to thousands. One of your tasks to learn how to play Bitcoin dice is to select one lucky number but your objective is to predict whether the lucky number that the ‘dice’ will roll is higher or lower than your chosen digit.

There are simple steps for you to follow to get the dice rolling nice. Though these how to play Bitcoin dice steps are easy, it is a must to know them like the back of your hand to ensure an excellent gaming experience like no other.

How to Play Bitcoin Dice

Choose the ‘Chance’

This is ‘your’ lucky number. Once you know how to play Bitcoin dice, you can select this depending on the range of numbers a bitcoin dice site offers. There are others to offer hundred, thousand, and even hundred thousand. The gist here is to assure that this digit will just be perfect to match your prediction.

‘Place your Bet’

Once you have chosen your ‘chance’ or number, you can now choose the amount of bet you would want to place for the round. When you already know how to play Bitcoin dice, tt is necessary to always take note of the minimum and maximum bets to avoid hassles in your dice game.

‘Roll HI or Roll LO’

If you wish to master how to play Bitcoin dice, then most certainly, this is the most important part of the game. If you think that the number that will soon be drawn is higher than the ‘chance’ you selected, you must opt for a ‘Roll HI’. On other hand, if you think the result will be lower than your chosen number, choose ‘Roll LO’.

‘Wait for the Result’

The dice will be ‘rolled’ and will pick a lucky number. If you just placed a bet on ‘Roll HI’ and the lucky number is higher than your selected ‘chance’ or wagered on the ‘Roll LO’ and the picked digit is lower than your ‘chance’, you will win and sums of bitcoins will go right straight to your wallet.

Given these steps on How to play Bitcoin Dice, you will sure find this game easy yet rewarding. However, it is necessary to take note that the ‘hows’ of playing this Bitcoin casino game still depends on the bitcoin dice platform you are playing. Read the rules carefully to experience this simple game to the fullest.

Indeed, How to play Bitcoin Dice is easy, and to win, you just have to assure of few things: premium bitcoin dice portal, strategies, and of course, luck.

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