Bitcoin Dice Rules

Play Bitcoin dice and you’ll have fun and quick ways to win. You’ll find many Bitcoin dice sites today, and they all offer a game that comes with different features. It all boils down to how easy it is to play Bitcoin dice there. If this is your first time to play dice, then make sure to know the basic but important Bitcoin dice rules.

It’s easy to learn how to play dice with Bitcoin. Start reading the dice rules below to get started in rolling the dice. Make sure to hope that luck favors you every time you play Bitcoin dice.

Bitcoin dice is a revolutionary version of the old yet gold dice game. At first glance they seem almost the same. But, there are several aspects that separate these two games from each other. Two of these are the use of bitcoins and some rules. Because of these differences, you have to be more knowledgeable about the game. This includes knowing more about Bitcoin dice games and Bitcoin dice strategy.

Know the objective of the game

The most important facet of the Bitcoin dice rules is of course the objective of the game.  This will serve as the main goal you have to achieve. If in the typical dice game your main goal is to predict one of the results of the dice roll, it is harder in Bitcoin dice. Some of the Bitcoin dice rules state that you have to pick a number. This can from one hundred to one hundred thousand. Depending on your betting options (Roll HI, Roll LO); this digit will be the main factor of your win or loss.

Bitcoin Dice Rules

Pick your lucky number

This aspect usually varies on the Bitcoin dice platform you play in. There are some that offer ranges in hundreds. Some of them are in thousands. Based on the Bitcoin dice rules, all you have to do is pick ‘one’ from this set of numbers. Often times, the name for this is the ‘Chance.’


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Learn about your betting options

Like the chance, this aspect also varies and depends on the Bitcoin gambling site. Some Bitcoin dice sites offer none of these options. You just have to select a chance and the rolled number must be lower than what you have selected for you to win. But most often, Bitcoin dice rules dictate that there are two betting options given: Roll HI and Roll LO.

  • Roll HI – If you think that the dice will ‘roll’ a number higher than your ‘chance’ or lucky number, bet on this option.
  • Roll LO – If you believe that the digit rolled will be lower than the one you picked, wager on this position.

Roll the dice with Bitcoin

Since Bitcoin is your primary mode of payment, this aspect is sure to be easy and hassle-free. To place a bet, it is a must to send some sums of bitcoins to the wallet address or just scan the QR code. After the payment, you can now play instantly. It is also part of the Bitcoin dice rules that you take note of the minimum and maximum bet before placing a wager to prevent hassles.

Bitcoin dice rules of winning

If you wagered on the ‘Roll Hi’ and the number rolled is higher than your chance, you will win. The same is the case for you to win when you bet on the ‘Roll Lo’, the rolled digit must be lower than your picked chance. Your winnings depend on the amount that you bet. This set-up still depends on the Bitcoin dice rules of your chosen site.

Knowing the Bitcoin dice rules assure you of a good and rewarding gaming experience. Given the fact that this Bitcoin casino game is easy and with right grasp of its rules, it is sure more than possible for the odds to be in your favor.

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