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One of the largest international gaming providers, Amaya prides in the array of services it offers to clients worldwide. Stationed in Canada and with satellite offices in other countries, this global gaming leader is always a step forward in providing professional products, whether in online, mobile, or land-based gaming.

It provides both B2B interactive and land-based gaming solutions that use the latest technologies in the gaming field. It also owns some of the biggest gaming websites like PokerStars and Full Tilt. With its wide reach in the iGaming industry, it will not be surprising to see Amaya adopt newer trends in the online gambling sector.

Top-Performing Casino Games

To deliver unparalleled entertainment is what drives Amaya to continue making innovations in this business. And one of the results of this dedication is its Casino Gaming System. This system features a complete solution for online casinos, eliminating the painstaking processes of fully setting up gambling venues on the web.

Included in its top-performing software is the extensive range of casino games that boast high-quality, professional features.

Table games, video poker, casual games, and others are the primary offerings available here, but its slot games are perhaps one of the most popular of them all. Add to the charm of the typical slots is the exclusivity Amaya brings to the table with the inclusion of the branded games—namely Batman, Green Lantern , Superman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, and many more.

Live Dealers and Mobile Gaming

Popular online casino games are hand-picked to join the roster of titles re-engineered to operate seamlessly on mobile devices. Players can expect their favorite online slots to become playable too on their smartphones and tablets, giving them more time to experience the pure entertainment the Amaya slots provide.

Catering to a specific niche of gamblers, Amaya’s solutions for live dealer casinos on the web are continuously being developed to appeal to the changing demands and trends within the gambling community.

Safety and Regulations

Security is a major factor that determines the credibility, and later on, the success of a game provider. Thus, it is fortunate that Amaya is in full compliance with the regulations observed in the iGaming industry.

It is licensed and regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, proving its commitment in delivering trustworthy products and services beneficial to the welfare of its clients.

Moreover, it has acquired over 100 other licenses recognized in various jurisdictions.

Amaya in the Online Gambling Industry

Numerous online real-money casinos are powered by this international game provider, so bettors will not have to go through long lists of casinos just to find the high-quality Amaya slots they absolutely want to play.

Some of the favorite slots are Fortunes of the Amazons, Druidess Gold, Medusa, and Gulliver’s Travels.


Note: Amaya is yet to enter the Bitcoin casino market. In the event the global gaming provider embraces cryptocurrency gambling, the community can expect for Amaya Bitcoin slots to become available in Bitcoin casinos.

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Games by Amaya

  • Aladdin’s Legacy Slot

    Aladdin’s Legacy Slot

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    Aladdin’s Legacy Slot
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    Shogun Showdown Slot

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    Shogun Showdown Slot
  • Gulliver’s Travels Slot

    Gulliver’s Travels Slot

    Journey to the mysterious island of Lilliput and discover the treasures buried under the grounds where six-inch people roam around....

    Gulliver’s Travels Slot
  • Fortunes of the Amazons Slot

    Fortunes of the Amazons Slot

    Fierce female warriors ruled the Amazons, a nation based in Greek mythology and one that is filled with rich fortunes....

    Fortunes of the Amazons Slot