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Bingo is one of the easiest gambling games to play in the world. It is enjoyed at both live casinos and Bitcoin online casinos around the world. If you’re looking to play real money bingo with bitcoins, then you’ve come to the right place. On this site, you’ll learn more about how to play bingo and how to find the best sites to play Bitcoin bingo.

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How to Play Bingo

Bitcoin bingo is one of the easiest real money online casino games you can play. Start by signing up at a Bitcoin bingo site and depositing Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin. Next, you will go to the bingo rooms to find your game. There are three common games you will find. Most bingo sites off 75-ball, 80-ball, and 90-ball bingo. The primary difference in these games is the number of balls available. Some places will offer turbo style bing games of 30-ball, 36-ball, and 40-ball.

Most bingo games require that you make a winning line of 5 numbers in a row. Some games might require that you make a specific pattern, such as H. The rules of how to win each game will be listed in the room.

To buy a ticket, go to the room you wish to play. You can select how many cards you want to purchase and how much you want to pay for each card. Some sites will offer a single fixed price, while others will offer cards at various pricing points. Once you have selected the number of cards you wish to play, you will wait until the draw begins.

Once a draw begins, numbers will be called individually. If the numbers called matches one on your card, you’ll mark the card. This continues until you or another player make a bingo. If you make a bingo, click the “Bingo” button on your card to claim your prize.

How Much Does it Cost to Play Bingo?

When playing Bitcoin bingo games, there are two costs to consider. The first is the minimum deposit. Bitcoin online bingo sites have a minimum deposit you have to meet to play at the site. Generally, this is around .001 BTC. Once you deposit that amount, how much you pay will depend on the game of bingo.

In some instances, you may only pay a few satoshis for a bingo card. At some sites, you will be able to play Bitcoin bingo for pennies on the dollar compared to most online casinos. Of course, if you want to play for more, you can. How much you spend is only limited by your bankroll and any maximums set in the casino software.

How to Find the Best Site for Playing Bitcoin Bingo?

When looking for the best Bitcoin bingo site, you need to have a clear set of criteria. This will help you find quality Bitcoin bingo sites. Below, we have listed some of the most common factors you can look out for when choosing the best Bitcoin online gambling sites.

Intuitive website – The user interface of a specific bingo site can either make or break the interest of any bingo player. This is because the website’s look and feel can significantly affect the player’s perception of the bingo site. You want a site with a user-friendly design and software from premier providers like Microgaming, BetSoft, and others.
Bonuses offered – Your chosen bingo site should be able to provide you with a decent list of bonuses, free spins, and other promotional offers. This way, you’ll be able to start playing with more money, and you’ll never run out of opportunities to expand your bankroll. They should not only offer a deposit bonus but multiple ongoing promotions.
Support services – A courteous and highly knowledgeable team of representatives is essential at any Bitcoin bingo site. Agents should be native English speaking and able to answer your questions quickly. Live chat support is an absolute minimum for support.
Winnings – Check out the prizes available at the site. For Bitcoin bingo sites, you should get an idea of what most games pay and what progressive jackpots are available. This way, you can have an idea of how much you can earn.

There are Bitcoin bingo sites all over the internet. As such. bingo players must carefully examine the online casinos before deciding to join in. Make sure that you check the online casino or bingo site first so that you can avoid being a victim of fraud. The best way to do so is to check the licensing status of a site. Legitimate sites will be licensed by a major online regulator. If a site is not licensed, do not play there.

How to Play Bingo with Cryptocurrencies

So you want to play bingo with Bitcoins. We can’t blame you as real money online gambling is a great way to grow your Bitcoin. If you do not already own some Bitcoin, read our guides on how to buy Bitcoin. It will go over everything from setting up a Bitcoin wallet to making your purchase at a Bitcoin exchange.

Once you have some Bitcoins to play bingo, go sign up at your preferred casino that accept Bitcoins. After you sign up for an account, go to the Cashier page and click on deposit. From there, you will select Bitcoin or the Altcoin of your preference. You’ll then be given an address where you will send your cryptocurrency. Use that address to send you crypto from your Bitcoin wallet. Note that Bitcoin transactions require confirmations, and every Bingo room is different in the number of confirmations they need. After your transaction has cleared the necessary number of confirmations, you can then start playing bingo to win Bitcoin.

When you’re ready to cash out, go back to the Cashier and click on Withdrawal. You’ll then enter the amount of Bitcoin you wish to cash out along with the receive address of your Bitcoin wallet. Afterward, you’ll get your Bitcoin within 24 hours. Some sites will send you Bitcoin in a matter of minutes.

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