BitBandit Makes Ground in the Bitcoin Gambling Industry

We now witness Bitcoin gambling becoming a trend, and it is quite remarkable to see Bitcoin slot platforms and games as one of the factors that drive this industry to become popular in the online gambling sector. What’s equally noteworthy is the increasing number of Bitcoin-powered websites that are dedicated to Bitcoin slots, so it is just fitting to talk about one that is making ground in the gambling scene.

BitBandit is a Bitcoin-operated gaming venue for players who want to enjoy betting on slots with bitcoins. Its founder, who is more known to the public as CryptoPanda, shared with me the interesting fact that the site has already been up and running as early as the latter months of 2013, but it was only officially announced in February this year due to the series of tests they did to make it problem-free and ‘astonishingly beautiful.’

Beautiful it is, indeed, and so are his plans for this platform, as well as his insights into the significance of cryptocurrencies in the business and the industry.

Thank you for this opportunity. With so many prospects in casino gambling, why did you decide to make a Bitcoin slot-only platform?

When I started in cryptocurrency in 2013, there was only one Bitcoin slot, and it looked and worked like it’s from 1995. Slot is the most popular casino game and often amounts for 70% to 80% of land casino profits just because it’s the simplest game. So, it looked natural that the Bitcoin gambling market could make use of a professionally made Bitcoin slot machine.

And that’s BitBandit. Tell me, however, what makes your brand different from other Bitcoin casino platforms?

We knew from the beginning that it has to be as frictionless as possible, because that main appeal of real world slots is the simplicity. We also have one of the first Bitcoin affiliate programs, and it pays you 30% of the profit you bring. What’s great is it gets instantly credited to your balance, and you can gamble it or withdraw it instantly. Also, we made our slot game in HTML5, so it works in any browser on PC, Mac, Linux, smartphones, tablets, and even TVs.

It looks like you’ve got everything covered. How about the challenges you face in operating this business and brand?

There are none actually; it’s fun and enjoyable. It’s a young ecosystem and most people are still very friendly, even our competitors. We are also all early adopters or what you can call a minority, so we have a lot in common and feel like a tight community, which makes operating Bitbandit really enjoyable.

Now that you enjoy running BitBandit, what can your customers and even potential ones expect before the year ends?

We will soon be finishing the final, minor code changes in our system, and we will be focusing full time on marketing as the codes get done. With that, everyone can expect a lot of giveaways and fun stuff from us.

That sounds great. With the current development regarding cryptocurrencies and online gambling, though, how do you see yourself and BitBandit in the future?

Cryptocurrencies will change our lives in ways we can’t even imagine now. The magnitude of change will be comparable if not bigger than the change Internet brought us. Also, it will liberate us in so many ways, and I can’t wait to see it happen. As for BitBandit, we are here for the long run. We do only one thing, but we want to do it in the best possible way. We simply want to provide the best slot experience in the Bitcoin world.

Indeed! Good luck with your plans, CryptoPanda, and thank you so much for your time. 



One of the most respected influencers in the Bitcoin and online gambling arena, Chris Evans is the Business Development Manager of Bitcoin Gambling Guide.

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