Lotitbit Brings More Game Features to Bitcoin Lottery


The Bitcoin lottery market continues to become one of the most interesting and promising areas in Bitcoin gambling. Now that most Bitcoin casinos feature live lottery as one of the services they offer, it is only apt to find dedicated Bitcoin lottery sites functioning on the web.

Lotitbit is a perfect example. Launched in January 2014, this gambling site was developed and is maintained by professional programmers from Germany and Russia, according to Mikola Burbaka, one of the key people representing the brand.

I spoke with Mikola and talked about Lotitbit and the future of cryptocurrency in the Bitcoin markets.

Hi Mikola! Could you tell me more about Lotitbit?

LotItbit is a project that has a number of unique properties. It features inherent networks crypto currencies allowed to realize a safe, anonymous and exciting lottery game. One of the most interesting features of the game is the ability of Lotitbit players to influence the course of the lottery with the new rates, increasing the chances of winning.

img248-lotitbet_quoteWhat makes your website different from other Bitcoin free lottery brands?

LotItBit is truly unique. Even though that LotItBit has all the hallmarks of a classic lottery, it has features which transform it into a real unpredictable race where anyone can hit the jackpot. If the classic lottery draw is held at the end of the lottery only once, in LotItBit, within one game each new bid generates a new combination of lucky numbers. This means that each purchased ticket plays a lot of times by the number of tickets purchased.

After that, it greatly increases the chances of winning and allows you to influence the course of the lottery. In addition to the game entered is the growing jackpot, which further enhances the attractiveness of LotItBit. A detailed description of the game with a mathematical justification is available on site and visitors can evaluate the platform capabilities.

Can you share the challenges you experience in operating this brand and this kind of business?

The service developed to meet the high load and the need to ensure safety and reliability. Separately, a module interacts with the network crypto currency, requiring a thorough study of the mathematical apparatus and the principles of operation of the network. Now, I can say with certainty that the service is stable and it is necessary to focus on the information support of the game on LotItBit.

What are your thoughts on the rise of Bitcoin and Litecoin gambling sites as well as that of the altcoins in general?

The growing popularity of crypto currency opens up new business opportunities and the freedom to use personal finance, including in the field of entertainment and gambling.

By how much do you think will cryptocurrency affect our lives in the years to come?

Whether modern crypto currency will survive or there will be new or modified ones is difficult to say. Despite the ambiguous attitude of governments to this phenomenon, crypto currency still proved viable.

Are there other details you wish to share and let your customers know?

We are pleased to announce the free version of the game! This is a real opportunity to win free Bitcoins or free Litecoins without risk! There are two games which are based on the most popular cryptocurrencys: Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Great! Thank you for this opportunity and all the best with Lotitbit!



One of the most respected influencers in the Bitcoin and online gambling arena, Chris Evans is the Business Development Manager of Bitcoin Gambling Guide.

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