Provably Fair Games Popularize Bitcoin Gambling

Provably Fair Bitcoin Games

Online betting has always been a case of his words against theirs when it comes to the veracity of the game results. This became the normal setting on fiat-operated gambling sites until the dawn of cryptocurrency gambling.

The technology on which Bitcoin and altcoins are based paved the way for players to verify every game result, thereby making provably fair Bitcoin games one of the main Bitcoin gambling features that set this kind of betting a true standout in today’s industry.

With provable fairness ensuring that both the casino operators and the players cannot manipulate the games in any way, betting with Bitcoin and other cryptocoins has become a popular alternative to real-money gambling.

True enough, it comes with several benefits, but not all cryptocurrency bettors are aware of how this process works, unfortunately. Thus, here are the essential points to know about the provably fair feature.

How provable fairness typically works

Provably fair gaming involves mathematical procedures designed to ensure the validity of every game result. This process begins with the server upon the player’s activation of a certain game.

The server creates a secret random seed, which serves as half of the component needed to create a complete random result. It is hashed before it gets sent to the player.

How to Check Provably Fair

The next step requires the player to provide another random seed, which is often called the client seed. This guarantees that the server or the casino does not have control of the final result for each round played.

Once the two seeds have been combined using the SHA-256 hashing algorithm to calculate the result, the server seed and the hash result are revealed. The player, then, can check if the results match. In the event that they do not, it is logical to assume that the game was manipulated.

Not all Bitcoin casinos offer provably fair gaming

Provable fairness is unique to crypto betting, but this feature is not exactly mandatory in the world of Bitcoin gambling. Take for example the 10XBTC Bitcoin lottery site, which opted for the True Random Number system. This is the reason it is imperative for players to know which games and casinos truly offer this level of gaming authenticity.

Perhaps one of the most popular names on this niche market that promote this is SoftSwiss. Powering several Bitcoin casinos today, this leading Bitcoin casino software provider takes pride in its provably fair casino games that are hosted on sites like Princess Star, Birwo Casino, and many more.

However, players should keep in mind that not all casinos follow the same process to prove their games’ fairness, and that SoftSwiss games are not available on all cryptocurrency betting sites.

Provably Fair SoftSwiss

As such, understanding how each casino’s provably fair gaming works is a must in order for anyone to confirm the authenticity of this feature. After all, some websites mislead their customers through claims that their games are provably fair yet they lack concrete explanations on how it functions.

Therefore, for players who wish to experience playing Bitcoin games like free Bitcoin slots and table games without worrying about manipulations and rigged results, they can check out the SoftSwiss-powered Bitcoin casinos like BetChain Casino and Bitstarz to name a few.

Having the ability for the casino operators to prove their trustworthiness on the market and for the players to verify the results of their bets contribute to the creation of a cohesive and healthier online gambling setting—one that can be of great example to real-money online casinos.

Other than the SoftSwiss games, casinos running on proprietary software and gaming solutions like BitcoinVideoCasino also offer provably fair games.

Chris Evans

Chris Evans

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