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Bitcoin fantasy sports is the fastest growing subsector of Bitcoin sports betting in the world. Many online gambling sites that offer sports betting now offer some form of fantasy sports. Whether you play traditional fantasy sports or daily fantasy sports, you will find plenty of action for your favorite sports.

Learn more about fantasy sports on this page, including the differences between traditional fantasy sports and daily fantasy sports. We’ll even give you a couple of tips to help you win more on Bitcoin fantasy sports sites.

What Are Bitcoin Fantasy Sports?

Fantasy sports is an online sports betting offshoot where players act as virtual team managers. You will draft a team of players based on actual players in a sports league. Once your team is complete, the statistics of those players are tracked during actual games. The players earn you points based on their performance on the field. You can swap out players, trade for players, and tinker with your lineup however you see fit. You’re acting like a real-life general manager.

Most fantasy sports are season-long events where you will be competing against other players in a league. The number of teams and the way points are accumulated and tracked can change based on the league. A fantasy sports contest generally lasts an entire season, and usually, the top finishers in the league receive a payout.

An alternative to regular fantasy sports is Daily Fantasy Sports. With DFS, you’re not playing an entire season but a single game or group of games. For example, you may want to build a roster and play Week 4 of the NFL. At the start of each contest, you will receive a salary cap, and you will use that cap to draft players. Once you make your team, points are accrued based on performance. Your team’s points are compared to other teams in the same contest, sometimes with real time updates as games are played. At the end of the competition, the top finishers receive a cash prize.

DFS contests are much shorter than traditional fantasy sports. Some competitions only last a single game or single day, where others will last around a week or two. Players prefer daily fantasy sports because they don’t have to invest as much time as traditional fantasy sports.

As such, daily fantasy sports sites have become the dominating force in fantasy sports. DFS operators have sprung up worldwide, and many traditional sportsbooks now offer daily fantasy football, daily fantasy baseball, and more.

Bitcoin Daily Fantasy Sports

The rise of Bitcoin gambling led to an explosion of Bitcoin fantasy sports. You can now play fantasy sports with Bitcoin at many Bitcoin sportsbooks. There are also several Bitcoin fantasy sports sites with guaranteed prize pools, no limit fantasy sports games, low entry fee games, and even freeroll games for most popular sports.

You’ll find two forms of Bitcoin fantasy sports websites. The first is fiat sportsbooks that allow you to deposit in crypto. Then there are traditional fantasy sports Bitcoin sites that will enable you to deposit and play with Bitcoin. Sites like BetOnline,, Bet365, and Bovada are all fantasy sports sites that accept Bitcoin.

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Bitcoin Sports Betting

Types of Bitcoin Fantasy Sports

In the early day of Bitcoin Fantasy Sports, your options were limited to major sports, primarily in the United States. You can now wager on various sports at DFS sites, including:

  • American Football
  • European Football
  • NBA
  • Major League Baseball
  • Hockey
  • Formula 1 Racing
  • Esports
  • Professional Wrestling

Not all sports will be available for fantasy sports, with some sites focusing primarily on major sports. However, if you shop around, you will find a Bitcoin daily fantasy sports site that will offer your favorite sport.

Traditional vs. Daily Fantasy Sports – Which is Better?

There are two types of fantasy sports players. Some are traditional fantasy sports players, while others prefer to play DFS. The question is, which is better? It depends on your personal preferences and the amount of time you wish to invest.

Traditional fantasy sports games are best for those that prefer to battle it out over an entire season rather than a single game or group of games. It is a true exercise in one’s sports knowledge and is akin to playing an online role-playing game. There’s also bragging rights that go along with being able to win over a long season.

Daily fantasy sports Bitcoin games are for those that don’t want to spend months trying to win a single contest. Often, the amount of money that you can win with traditional fantasy sports isn’t worth the time investment. However, DFS is akin to poker tournaments, where you have the potential to land a huge score with a minimal time commitment.

Also, there are many more DFS operators out there than there are traditional fantasy sports operators. The popularity of DFS makes the options much more appealing to operators, and the potential prize pools are enough to entice even the hardcore traditional fantasy sports bettor.

Tips to be a Bitcoin Fantasy Sports Master

If you wish to step up your game and master the art of fantasy sports betting, we have a few tips to get you started.

Learn the Rules of Your League – If you plan on playing daily fantasy sports or traditional fantasy sports long-term, make sure you understand each site’s rules and scoring system. While DFS contests have their similarities, there are differences in how fantasy points are awarded in some leagues. This may impact your overall strategy.

Stay Knowledgeable in Your Sports – Whether you’re betting on NFL, baseball, European football, basketball, or golf, you must be knowledgeable in your sport. Having a deep understanding of the players in your league and their tendencies will help you make better decisions when drafting an individual player or group of players. Keep updated on the latest news, injuries, and even things like rivalries.

Make Trades and Substitutions as Needed – A real-life general manager is always looking for ways to make their team better. You need to do the same. If you have a player on your roster that’s struggling, replace him with a player that has a better chance to help your team. Is there a player out there having a great season that you can trade for? Pick him up to boost your roster’s performance.

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