Bitcoin Sicbo Guide for Beginners

If Craps and Roulette will be rolled into one, Sic Bo is most definitely the result. Just like Craps, Sic Bo is a table game that utilizes a board which appears to be mind boggling at first because of seemingly complicated numbers and figures given. On the other hand, it is similar to roulette as the categories used for betting are like to that of the latter. The only difference is that instead of wheel, Sic Bo utilizes dice. With these features, it easily gained popularity and is now ubiquitously present in any casino, online or not. And most probably, it will be earning more fame as this game is made more exciting with Bitcoin Sic Bo. Bitcoin Sic Bo is no different from that of the typical one. However, since it is powered by bitcoins it provides numerous advantages that the ordinary online Sic Bo cannot offer. You will surely be elated that Sic Bo with bitcoins can be played anonymously as most bitcoin casinos offering this game has ‘no account required’ feature. If there are some that requires registration, the details required are limited to three things, username, password, and email address.

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Where to Bitcoin Sicbo

Another good thing is that you can play this game wherever you are. Yes, since it utilizes bitcoins, players from any part of the globe are welcome to play Sic Bo with bitcoins. However, as a responsible bitcoin player, you must be aware of the laws and regulations the country you are in is implementing. Bitcoin is totally legal to use most of the time. However, knowing a thing or two about bitcoin betting wouldn’t hurt.

Fast and easy transactions are also offered in playing this game. To place your bet, you just have to send the required amount of bitcoins, take note of the minimum and maximum bets, to the wallet address provided or scan the QR code if the bitcoin site generated one. After receiving the confirmation, you are good to go to enjoy the thrill of playing Bitcoin Sic Bo.

In playing Bitcoin Sic Bo, the most important aspect that you must know like the back of your hand is the Sic Bo board. Why? Simply because this is where you are going to place your bet; hence, the board where your luck lies.

There are several types of bets in Sic Bo. First is the Total Bet that corresponds to the total sum of the three dice if rolled which ranges from 4 to 17.

Second one is Small and Big which is similar to roulette’s red or black and even or odd, just this time the bet is if the total of the three dice is Small (4 to 10) or Big (11 to 17).

The next one is combination bet which corresponds to any two specific digits showing on the three dice.

In contrast for this bet is the single bet which is about betting on a specific number that will show in any of the three dice.

Moreover, Double bet is a type of bet where two of a specific number will show in the three dice.

Last but not the least is the Triple bet where all the three dice must show a specific number.

Indeed, Bitcoin Sic Bo is a great game to play. It may be complicated at first glance but one of the easiest if tried and enjoyed. Aside from the perks you can have by playing this bitcoin casino game, you must also know the types of bet it has really well to win nice in this game of three dice.

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