Roundup: GameCredits, New BTC Products & Altcoins

New Bitcoin Games

GameCredits Revolutionizes In-Game Monetization

The alternative cryptocurrency designed for gaming GameCredits was created to stitch the seams between cryptocurrency efficiency and gaming. Through the introduction of this altcoin, gamers are now provided with more game options that are backed with the cryptocurrency’s revolutionary technology.

“Launched in early 2014 but was reintroduced after a fork in March this year, GameCredits addresses the gap between gaming and cryptocurrency. It revolutionizes the way players and developers can benefit from alternative cryptocurrencies and the innovative technologies available on the market today.”

Buying BTC: Removing Banks From the Equation

Together with the advancement of the Bitcoin ecosystem, new developments and technologies emerge that are geared toward the preservation of the decentralized essence of Bitcoin. As such, these expansions work to completely eliminate the presence of third-party conductors like banks on Bitcoin transactions, which are very much favored, especially in the Bitcoin gambling scene.

“Recent developments and technologies have begun to change this, though, enabling both those without bank accounts and those opting to remain completely private to fill their wallets with the cryptocurrency.”

New Games, Products Push Bitcoin Gambling Growth

The Bitcoin gambling industry is gradually fortifying its grounds and is becoming one of the vital players that contribute to the continual success of the iGaming niche. This progress is further amplified after recent news reported the launch of new Bitcoin games, services and products in the industry. Two of which are the debut of Betsoft’s latest Bitcoin slot called Weekend in Vegas, and the unveiling of’s newest service—Bitcoin sportsbook, both joining the roster of the popular table and card games like Bitcoin baccarat, blackjack, and roulette.

“With this release structure, we cast a wider net to reach an audience of unprecedented size and variety, staying true to our core value of bringing the very best iGaming entertainment to the market. Weekend in Vegas is notable for its three main characters and the innovative manner with which they each play the game. We are very excited about this game and expect it to do well in both the desktop and ToGo sectors.”

LTC, DOGE Remain Top Picks for Altcoin Gambling

Altcoins are steadily paving their way toward a broader user base following recent news detailing the vital progress of two of the world’s better known alternative cryptocurrencies—Litecoin and Dogecoin. After Litecoin’s display of resilience toward Bitcoin, and the stable composure of Dogecoin, cryptocurrency users suddenly showed interest toward the two, which may be beneficial for the whole altcoin community in general, especially those engaged in Litecoin and Dogecoin gambling,

“Litecoin created a buzz during the past few days when it made a monumental run to beat Bitcoin in terms of 24h trading volume. Six days ago, this digital currency registered a 24.11 percent change and pushed Ripple down a notch to reclaim the title as the second largest coin.”

Robust BTC Exchange Security Quashes DDoS Threat

The Bitcoin ecosystem shows a more empowered demeanor after Bitcoin exchange OKCoin has successfully negated further damages from a recent DDoS attack. Although there were casualties, the exchange has immediately and effectively responded to the threat, lowering damages to both the platform and its customers, and therefore serving inspiration to Bitcoin casino and gambling sites.

“The attacks were simultaneously carried on OKCoin, Huobi, Bitfinex and perhaps others. It costs resources to carry out a DDOS attack and it is likely in our estimation that the malicious attackers acted with the intent to influence the price of bitcoin. However, since DDOS attacks are commonly faced by Internet services, the long-term influences on the bitcoin price is not serious.”

Chris Evans

Chris Evans

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