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Bitcoin Keno

Bitcoin games are unlike the usual casino games. Designed and developed for Bitcoin, these games are guaranteed to bring the best out of online betting. Expect pure anonymity as you place your bets and fast withdrawal times when cashing out winnings. Prepare for entertaining and exciting gameplays in every round you wager on and journey through the variety of games skillfully created by different top-notch Bitcoin casino software and game providers. We’ve neatly organized all Bitcoin games to their respective categories, so it’s up to you which of them would give you the sweet taste of Bitcoin wins.

Fortune Jack – All Bitcoin Games Top

Keno is indeed one of the oldest betting games that still being played nowadays due to its old but certainly good features. Started in China at around 200 B.C., this lottery type game has been in the domain of betting for a relatively long time. And as the world continues to rotate towards modernization, a much better version of this game has been introduced, the Bitcoin Keno. This game will absolutely make your bitcoin betting experience more fun and filled with incredibly great winnings.

Due to its simplicity yet possibility of bringing great fortune, Bitcoin Keno has easily grabbed and captivated bitcoin players’ interests. This bitcoin game has no difference in the usual Keno game in terms of rules and mechanics. The main goal of the game is still the same, pick the certain numbers in a ticket and if those digits reflect the result of the draw, one thing is for sure, you win.

Since this game is empowered by bitcoins, several advantages are offered to the players that will absolutely make their Keno game experience a way better due to convenience and fun-filled features it provides.

The Perks of Playing Bitcoin Keno

–          Simple Rules, Quick to Play, yet Offers Good Win

In this bitcoin game, you have to buy a ticket wherein your lucky digits will come from. This card contains numbers 1 to 80. To start playing you must select a minimum of 4 but no more than 10 numbers in the pool of digits from 1 to 80. However, take note that there are some bitcoin casinos that allow players to pick up to 15 or numbers. Every selection of a digit is called a “Spot”; hence, if you have chosen 10 numbers, you are playing a 10 Spot game. You will be paid based on the numbers you picked that matched the result of the draw. Hence, the lesser the pick you have, the more chances of earning big.

–          Play and Earn with Total Privacy

Since bitcoins are used in playing this game, the transaction is done via peer-to-peer method; therefore, most bitcoin casinos do not require an account for you to get started. Personal credentials are not necessary as other casinos that require registrations only need three things, username, password, and email address. Most of the time, email address is optional as it will only be used for password recovery.

–          Plain and Speedy Transactions

Because most of the time no account is required, you can directly buy a ticket and pick your lucky numbers by sending amounts of money in the wallet address given or by scanning the QR code. After a confirmation is received, you are good to go as you can now pick and win big.

One of the most important things to keep in mind in playing Bitcoin Keno is the bitcoin betting brand to play on. Why? Because it is the biggest factor that will affect your experience in playing Keno with bitcoins depending on the quality of the game and services they are offering. We have listed two of the bitcoin casinos that offer this game in its best quality.

–          Bitcoin Video Casino

This bitcoin betting brand offers 99.5% expected return in their Keno with Bitcoins game. They also offer instant payouts, and are provably fair.

–          Bitcoin Gamer

The most popular game they have is Bitcoin Keno. They provide a good odds/payout table so players will understand the odds of winning, payout, and house edge.