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Bit Games

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Bit Games

In-Depth Review

Bit Games‘No registration needed, winnings are paid instantly, and players can win large amount of BTC’ – these are three main features Bit Games highlights. This site is a bitcoin site that offers variety of games like One card lottery and Two card Lottery. More than that, it also provides Bitcoin casino games like Video Poker, Roulette, and 1 of 4. In addition, Bitcoin is the only payment method accepted in Bit Games and the language offered is English.

Bitcoin casino games in this site are just new; hence, they offer two modes you could choose from, ‘Play Money’ or ‘Play for Bitcoin’. In the first mode, you can have the luxury of playing any of the three casino games for free. You can use this chance to get a good grasp of the game which you can use in earning big if you decide to switch in the ‘Play for Bitcoin’ mode.

As mentioned, no account is required to get started with Bit Games.You can directly place your bet to your preferred game by sending the required amounts of bitcoin to the wallet address provided. Take note that in all of the games, the minimum bet is 0.001 BTC and the maximum bet is 0.1 BTC. You must also be careful in the wallet you have used to send bitcoins. This Bitcoin wallet must be compatible to the site so you can directly receive your winnings. After you have successfully paid for your bet, you are ready to go as all you need to do is play and wait for the result of the game.

Bit Games’ graphics and game platforms are good. They have provided graphics good enough to make the site pleasing to the eye; hence, encourage more players to join and play in their site. Their game platforms are also great as it is of an average size just enough for the players to have a good view of their game and see easily how is it going.

In terms of transparency, they have also offered a good one by providing a page where you can view the last results. Total bitcoins won and the number of players online is also given. More than that, complete information about bitcoins is offered and even links on how to get Bitcoins or create an online wallet is provided. Step by step procedures on how to play a certain game is also offered; hence, you will have the easiest way to play and win. In addition, you can also send your comments, questions, and concerns about their site and services provided via email.

Bit Games is a good bitcoin betting site as it provides games with good quality, complete information on how to play these games, fast and simple transactions, as well as excitement having the chance to earn great amount of bitcoins.

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