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BitkupNumerous Bitcoin sports betting sites and casinos have rolled out their unique and exciting promos for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, but Bitkup, a minimalist betting platform, was launched specifically tailored for this quadrennial football event.

Instead of the typical betting scheme of predicting which team will emerge as the winner for every match, Bitkup has gone for a more exciting system that encourages you to guess the actual score of the match. This means that you will need to predict what the scores will be between Team A and Team B.

However, even if you had correctly guessed the scores for the match, the betting site will not reward you right then and there, because it uses a point system to determine who the lucky players will receive the large payouts at the end of the World Cup. This is the beauty of this Bitcoin gambling site. On one hand, it keeps the excitement high; on the other, it promises bigger rewards.

Collecting the most number of points determines the top players in the rankings. This is important because the top 20 players are eligible to receive the payouts. However, it is the first, second, and third placers that are guaranteed to get their hands on the larger shares of the jackpot because they get 50%, 15%, and 13% shares, respectively.

The points can be collected through different ways: guessing the exact match results yields 3 points, correctly predicting the winner or the draw results in 1 point, while successfully determining the bonus question instantly earns you an additional 10 points.

From the looks of it, winning payouts on Bitkup is absolutely easy. After all, it only requires correct guesses for the scores and the winner or the draw. However, it should be highly noted that only bets placed before the match begins will be qualified to earn points. Therefore, make sure to wager the standard bet of 0.05 BTC several minutes before every match to secure all the possible points.

Meanwhile, in order to join the fun, it is mandatory to register for an account. This process does not take a long time, but it is worth to know that it requires an email confirmation, so be ready to check your inbox to activate your account. Moreover, even without wagering bitcoins, you can experience the thrills of guessing the scores and winners through the League Bitkup FREE. Given its nature, this free league is for fun’s sake only.

All in all, the Bitkup experience is absolutely one of a kind. Not only is it specially made for the World Cup in Brazil, but it also boasts a simple yet organized system. Additionally, the structure of the Bitcoin sports betting platform offers more opportunities to collect payouts, which is an essential factor that will drive bettors to wager more. However, since it is initially designed for this football event, expect it to shy away from the Bitcoin gambling scene unless it transforms into another kind of betting site.

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