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Blockchain Lottery
Blockchain Lottery

Blockchain Lottery

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Blockchain Lottery

In-Depth Review

Blockchain LotteryBesides playing the popular and exciting Bitcoin casino games like Roulette, Blackjack, and Slots, it is also worth a shot to bet bitcoins on lottery. After all, this is a great way to have fun online, especially when you become lucky enough to win loads of cash prizes. However, there are already many Bitcoin lottery sites online, which make finding the right one for you quite challenging. It is a good thing, then, that Block Chain Lottery is readily available and offers innovative ways to enjoy several games of Bitcoin lottery.

Unique Bitcoin Lottery

Using the Bitcoin block chain for its system to work, Block Chain Lottery is a fully automated Bitcoin lottery site that offers different games for all bettors to enjoy. This alone already makes this Bitcoin site different from other lottery sites that also accept Bitcoin as the primary mode of payment. While the actual system is remarkably distinctive compared with other Bitcoin lottery sites, you can expect its games to provide you with the same level of excitement and pleasure, if not better.

Innovative Ways to Bet

When you choose to play the games offered in this Bitcoin gambling site, you are given the option to choose between fixed-size lottery and progressive lottery games. With these options, you can maximize your chances of winning and collecting more profits. Fixed-size lottery, though, requires all tickets to be bought first before the winner gets drawn while progressive lottery draws the winner right away after one confirmation and up to 10 more minutes. You will know if you win or not on Blockchain Lottery if your ticket number for either game matches the winning number drawn.

Be the Lucky Winner

Given that you have plans of winning in these lottery games, it is imperative that you only use Bitcoin wallets that permit you to send and receive payments using just one address. Failure to do this will give you problems in the long run like not being able to get your winnings.

This reminder is heavily advised in the Block Chain Lottery website, so you should not have any reason to commit this mistake ever. After all, it will be painful to not get the prize you have won simply because of a slight mishap. However, in the event you followed this basic rule and eventually won, expect to get paid in 24 to 48 hours.

Moreover, this Bitcoin lottery site posts a 9% house edge for its fixed-size and progressive lotteries. Fixed-sized lottery games deduct another 2% for the fees though. Meanwhile, this gambling site ensures that there is money in the jackpot by transferring 40% to the jackpot, 30% to the next jackpot, and another 19% to the jackpot after that.

By strictly following the rules and taking note of how the lotteries work, you will certainly have a great time betting bitcoins in Block Chain Lottery. Play now and try your luck in these lotteries!

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