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Two passions rolled into one – this is the very gist of BTCSoccer. It is a peer-to-peer soccer betting site, which takes Bitcoin bets on the end results of soccer matches on all major European leagues. Though a new kid on the block, it has become popular among Bitcoin and soccer enthusiasts given that in their gaming platform, numerous advantageous features are offered.

Bet in a registration/login free site

Making an account is not at all necessary at BTCSoccer. Upon entering their platform, you can immediately place a bet and win without experiencing delays of additional tasks like registration. They take pure Bitcoin bets and return your profits in the Bitcoin address you sent your bitcoins from within a few minutes after the match’s end.

Placing a Wager is Fast and Easy

The first thing you have to do is to select a match from the ‘Games Section’. Take note that live matches are closed for betting as the match has already started. After this, you can place a bet by picking end result/s from the matches’ ScorGrid. All of the selected scores are added to the ‘BetSlip’, which is where the stakes are confirmed per bet. Once everything is set, click the ‘Check Out’ at the bottom of the BetSlip to see the QR code and a link to process the bet transaction. You can select either of these two methods to place a wager. The bets are marked yellow once the payment confirmation is received.

The House-Edge is only 2%

BTCSoccer yields 2% commission fee on the profits of the winning bets. Given this, 98% payout percentage is given to the players. The total amount of Bitcoin wagered on the winning bet, minus the 2% house commission fee, is automatically sent to the Bitcoin wallets of the winning bettor(s).

Direct Payout after the Game

To gain trust of the bettors, they ensured that they are paying out all the winning bets on their platform. In fact, they offer a Stats page for everyone to see the global transaction overview. In addition, the 20 most recent outgoing payments are shown on their site to keep you up to date with the payout details. And of course, the Blockchain is always transparent and open to anyone, who would want to guarantee that they are paying their bettors.

Live Chat Feature

While playing, you can definitely air your thoughts and socialize with other online bettors through BTCSoccer’s live chat feature. This will allow you to gain an insight based on others’ perspective, some strategies to increase your chances of having a positive outcome, and of course, instant help if you are a new bettor.

If love both soccer and bitcoins, BTCSoccer is the perfect betting site for you. With the aforementioned highlights they offer, you can be assured that you will never go wrong with this site. But of course, before Bitcoin gambling, it is important that you have the skills and sufficient knowledge to bet on the winning option and receive big winnings in no time.

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